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I've seen over the last few months, lots of recommendations of reading material in random posts of random topics.

I'm hoping to see if anyone wants to post a list of books in one place.I have my plan in place for this year and am looking for good reads about football. Can be about a scheme or coaching styles or general. Just anything good and worth reading.


Muck City is an interesting look into one of the poorest areas in the nation that also happens to be one of the most talent rich areas of Florida. Glades Central  has put over 30, yes over 30 players, into the NFL. This is a SMALL town in rural central Florida. Santonio Holmes and Fred Taylor went to school at Belle Glades Central. Just down the road a piece, is Pahokee HS(with a good amount of NFL talent themselves), alma mater to Anquan Boldin and Andre Waters. This rivalry game is know as the Muck Bowl. This little game between 2 small schools from 2 small towns has had over 25,000 spectators attend. I have been to a few and it is flat out amazing. Besides sugar cane there is little for these kids to look forward to. And sugar cane is not that far away from indentured servitude. File this into the "general" category. Oh yeah, the local private school is a beast also.

Dusty Ol Fart:
"Our Boys"  Good book on Smith's Center Kansas football.   Roger Barta and the Smith's Center Redmen. 

Coach Barta is the man.


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