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Author Topic: ROCKET 38 REACH, lazer 29 reach  (Read 1042 times)

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ROCKET 38 REACH, lazer 29 reach
« on: January 22, 2016, 06:49:29 AM »
on our sprint sweep....rocket 38 sprint sweep, lazer 29 sprint sweep,  we pull the playside tackle for the corner, and the playside guard also pulls and either seals inside or leads outside depending on if the tackle logs or ko's the corner.  The playside wing seals the de/force defender.....

Now, verses the 52 double eagle, with 6 techs (head up des on our tes) and tight/semi tight cover 2 corners playing force coach calande and I have talked about about having the playside tackle reach number 1 (in this case down blocking the 3 tech) the te would reach number 2 and the wing would go block the corner.....playside guard would still pull and seal inside for lb.....backside guard same thing...thoughts on this....on film it looks like it is totally there...i also think the flood pass with the wing going right to the flat puts the corner in conflict....