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Author Topic: Another Camp in the Books  (Read 159 times)

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Another Camp in the Books
« on: July 15, 2017, 06:13:16 PM »
Just finished up our 10th Annual full pads full contact 3 day Camp.

We went a week early this year which conflicted with the last weekend of baseball for many so I was a bit worried about numbers. Last year was 278 kids on 24 separate 8 man ball teams. It was getting a bit big to manage.

This year was 152 on 14 8 man ball teams. I liked it. Perfect size. I think we should go this weekend every year.

Day one get drafted to a team in your grade group with a coach and a couple of HS players....drills...acclimate. Day two learn an 8 man O and a D. Day three scrimmage teams in your grade group and finish up with a catered lunch.

Really successful format. We raised almost $3K for Scholarships.

My Org has decided next season they are ready to host a Jamboree. They have the facility to do it with lights and all. Jamborees are a cash cow. The last Jamboree I organized by year 3 it was hosting 108 teams at $200 each and my overhead was about $6K for field use and Officials. Plus Jamboree's run themselves.

Anyway...exhausted but I do enjoy these Camps. Fun stuff for all. Circuit camps are for the Dinosaurs.  :P
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