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Author Topic: Coxbox 'I' Pistol Video  (Read 7956 times)

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Re: Coxbox 'I' Pistol Video
« Reply #45 on: February 22, 2012, 10:16:39 PM »
My brother sometimes it's hard to prep our kids running systems that the HS use. (ask Cox about what he's going thru right now.) Now some schools have a nice set up for feeders. Tonight a HS coach had offered to open his system to our club and other coaches so he can create a feeder. (Smart idea because of the area he's in and the system he's running will draw people.) Just stay with what you know and prep those kids by having them sounds in all basic skills. When they get to HS the coaching staff whip them into shape and teach them what they need in order to run their system. If you're in a feeder then they should have a set up that will make a smooth transition from youth-HS. You're an I guy and I would use Coach Cox I-Pistol w/ the DW principles you already have running in your blood. What Coach Cox did was open a store and had all of the sections open at one time. LOL We have to be able to shop and get what you need then leave. You will mess around and want to buy everything. LOL  The thing that is nice about this store is that you can come back and add a new item with low cost. :-)

Like I said before is there are coaches here that run zone with no issues at all. I know Hartman do and seen his playbook/work. I also seen coaches make a mess out of things trying to do too much. IOL is being used right now with a semi pro team and they're killing with it. Now if they installed it (Coach Don High) then it should be hell when we as youth coaches install it. This is also backed with 13 yrs. of sideline work of Cox.

Just be careful because there are a lot of pistols out there. You're seeing more and more of hybrid systems now. Install what you want and what you know will work vs. what you're seeing out there.
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