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Author Topic: E responsability  (Read 964 times)

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E responsability
« on: September 01, 2016, 09:54:17 AM »
I played in a split 4-4 for 4 years in high school, then coached it for one year about 5 years ago.

i'm not coaching now, but my son is playing in a defense that lines up like a split 4-4. 

they play almost exclusively base-no stunting, no shifting into 50 60 or 80, so he is always lined up in the C gap.  his coach has told him he has C gap responsabilty only, which is good for my son, i guess, since it relieves him of having to worry about contain.  i will never undermine his coaches, but unfortunatley, i coached him prior to now, so he has had some questions.  i'm toeing the line and telling him to do as his current coach says.

have any of you guys coached the DEs this way in a split 4-4?  we always coached our DEs to step with outside foot, keep outside shoulder clean.  if play is to you 'fly' up and set the edge.  if away, 'spy' pursuit through the backfield, looking for qb keep/counter, straight counter, reverse.  we never taught them to remain in the C gap. 

i'm not sure how they coach the OLBs.  i mean, they have contain in this coach's version.  but i don't know how that works with play action.  actually, i can think of a number of plays that are going to be tough on the OLBs if they are the primary contain guys.

i'm not trying to prove anyone wrong, just wonder if other folks play/coach this D the same way these folks do.
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Re: E responsability
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2016, 07:42:35 AM »
Sounds like how most schools run their 4-4/4-2-5. Actually, this is how I run my defense. OLB has force, and flats in Zone Coverage. The DE's do not have force/contain, but must be able to pursue down the LOS on fast flow.  Against 5 man fronts, the DE's have to play more of a force/contain role as the OLB's will be pulled out further.  The OLB's really are run first players except on straight drop back but on play action, have to turn and get to the flats. Running QB's can be an issue. 7 tech and 5 tech DE's can make a lot of plays if the OLB's are doing their jobs.
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