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Author Topic: Split 4 base or 5-3 fire zone?  (Read 690 times)

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Split 4 base or 5-3 fire zone?
« on: October 21, 2012, 07:42:40 PM »
Hello, Coaches! I'm coordinating a JV defense this year (my first opportunity to call a defense!!..I'm a DLine guy) and we are doing well. We're 4-1 allowing 11 ppg and our strong suit is stopping the run. I am running a split 4 base but I also have a 50 (533) package and a 30(353) package which I call nickel because I just replace a DL with one of my LB/DB hybrid kids.

Our opponent this week runs multiple sets from double wing to empty! About as varied as it gets, no? I have no film on the JV but would anyone agree that I am safe in assuming the JV team will probably run more of the pro & double wing stuff as opposed to spread...especially empty stuff? My initial thought is to just play our base 4-4, cover 3 because it's pretty well-balanced and I've rarely had to come out of it this season. However, I am more tempted to try to FORCE them to beat me with the pass. I mean, it's a JV QB right?

I am thinking of coming out in my 50 front. I also think I'm going to stay in it even if they spread us out. In my 533 I am most vulnerable in the middle of the field but I am willing to gamble that most JV QBs can't make those throws to quick slants and that my Mike can do pretty well on any TE dumps. I have a special kid who starts at OT for us, plays on all special teams and I've lined him up on all three levels of the defense and he's made plays. I'm thinking that if I stay in my 50 look I could actually put this kid at the nose and drop him into coverage (fire zone?) if they do go empty. I'd play my FS over the #2 on trips side making it look like cover 0 but he'd actually bail to his deep middle 1/3 at the snap if not slightly sooner. I would have my Mike and this Nose cover the hook to curl zones....nose to the offenses left as most QBs will struggle to throw across his body anyhow. I actually think I could leave him on the line against 4 wide and lock up with my corners and two OLBs (cover 1). My OLBs are safety will likely play corner at the Varsity level so I think this is reasonable given my personnel.

Basically my question is....IS THIS CRAZY? Thanks guys!