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Author Topic: Q and A from an Email  (Read 1917 times)

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Q and A from an Email
« on: April 02, 2010, 02:04:52 PM »
A coach emailed me these questions and I thought it would be helpful to some of you if I posted them here.

Q1: Do you have the D Lineman bear crawl?
A1: We start off teaching the D-linemen to bear crawl, once we feel that the habit of staying low is in their heads. We teach them to power step. Pending on the ability of the kid they can accomplish this at different stages. If we ever see our d-linemen in a game start getting high. We have them crawl for two to three plays (as a muscle memory reminder to stay low) than have them power step and either shoot in the backfield and attack or clog their gap.

Q2: For the D Tackles you state, “on the snap of the ball they will plug their gap hard…” Does that mean they do not try to get into the backfield? They take a “shallow” rush and just fill the gap, or do they try to get into the backfield?
A2: If I have an athletic kid that has the speed, can get in the backfield, wraps up and can do the job consistently I have them shoot the gap and play in the offenses backfield. If the kid is more of a MPP type and he has trouble executing we have him play low and hard and not go deeper than the Quarter backs ankles starting point. Since I use my best 11 I'm usually playing in the offenses backfield ;-). Plus I rather have an aggressive defense that dictates tempo. However, our GAP CALL is used in key spots to just clog holes. Our GAP CALL is not in the manual and is the way we use to play our d-linemen until we switched to the stacks. I rather not promote that call much as I feel and aggressive defense is better at the youth level.

Q3: When you say “mirror” in regard to alignment, are the defensive players lining up the same distance from the LOS as their offensive counterparts?
A3: That is correct, however it is our jobs and the kids jobs to measure themselves against their opponent. If they feel that their man is a step faster than give your self that extra step. Example my monster is slower than your TB. I will have my Monster play 1/2 a yard closer to the LOS. If he is faster I back him up so he has more time to down hill read. For corners, if my corner is slower, I back him off the LOS since he is pass first, if he is faster I keep him closer. However, it doesn't mean that I will not play him B&R even if he is slower. Because, my slower guy might be stronger and I can make up for his lack of speed by preventing the passer off the line.

Q4: What’s the Monster LBer’s first responsibility? Run? Pass? Is he moving toward the LOS when the ball snaps?
A4: RUN, he mirrors his mans movements. Lets say the tail back is running off tackle. We have our Monster get close to the LOS and banana routes to the C gap. Taking an inside out angle.

Q5: Do you ever have an issue with the LBers getting caught up “playing” with the TEs or paying too much attention to the TEs and not what’s going on in the backfield? To me that seems like that would be a hard/quick read for a kid (pass/run… now!).
A5:That happens and if it does we play our OLB off the LOS about 1/2 to 1 yard. One so he can see in the backfield, 2 to get his head right and understand that the TE is to be jammed, but your eyes are in the backfield. We also teach him to read the TE ass, if he points in towards the center, the ball is going to the C gap fill it now! If his ass point out, look for the play going D and out to sweep. If he releases play trail technique. Trust me its an easy read for your OLB, but like everything it takes practice to perfect.

Q6: Everybody plays bump-and-run coverage?
A6:YES! unless you call your OLB off or Corner Off. They still play man but they do not B&R.

It is very important in my opinion to perfect the alignment and rep the kids on lining up against various offenses. Recognizing as a coach when someone is aligned incorrectly can be the difference in stopping a play or getting burnt on one.

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Re: Q and A from an Email
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2010, 01:05:23 PM »
Great post Coach Rob.  Thats some great questions by "a coach".  Looking forward to more on your defense.