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Author Topic: The auto blitz  (Read 1021 times)

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The auto blitz
« on: March 07, 2016, 12:53:08 PM »
Ok, had an email this morning about stunting into the "10" or showing "10" from a base of multiple fronts.

When I face multiple formation/plays type of teams we have 2 calls "green" and "red".

Green means means stop

What this does is gives us an option to play cover 1 or cover 0 while sending the maximum amount of players at the Los while maintaining coverage down field.

Most of this is from Mahonz and Clark so im no genius.

Corners have #1 only blitz if #1 motions across center

Spur has #2 will rush from edge if #2 is in the backfield. He maintains back out of backfield responsibility

Will (weak mlb) calls stunt combo with tackles if #3 is in the backfield. Will is our boundary mlb unless game plan changes.

Free safety is middle whole unless motion brings across the formation he picks up motion.

Now that's generic...we have variations based on the team.


"motion fire"

Def lineman will align in 2 tech and 4...mlbs will stack...the secondary rules remain constant. When motion happends the front six slant to the gap in the direction of motion.


Swap just trades the motion responsibility now everyone is locked and fs will blitz for you.

If the corner has #1 and he motions fs comes down and rushes from motion side edge.

Just some info for yall. Enjoy the week!
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