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Author Topic: what is 10-1  (Read 1041 times)

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what is 10-1
« on: February 14, 2013, 08:27:08 AM »
With out getting into history and just the scheme.  The "10" is a max pressure full court press.

Players are either gap players or man players  and 2 have possible zone drops

The original 10-1 from Celina was just a goaline defense or short yardage out of a 4-3 defense "26"

The 26

The "10"


10-1 philosophy
-always aggresive
-personnel matchups "comes down to being one on one"- coach Ford
-formation match ups dont be afraid to adjust
-technique is critical in every posistion

I will go over the many base adjustments to the "10" that have been done by Celina and some of my own for youth game.

Also will help any coach design a version of the "10" from your base defense

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"Some athletes have division 1 dreams and jv work ethic" - random

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Re: what is 10-1
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2013, 09:26:45 AM »
Posted 06 October 2005 - 11:27 AM

Celina coach says defensive scheme is simply 'aggressive'

12:22 AM CDT on Thursday, October 6, 2005

By DAVID HINOJOSA / The Dallas Morning News

CELINA – Victories against Celina this season could be moral ones.

Consider the Little Elm game two weeks ago.

More SchoolDay When Tony Herrera kicked a 25-yard field goal against Celina, Little Elm fans let out a huge roar, the loudest heard from an opponent's supporters.

Little Elm fans were in a tizzy. But it was an odd scene, given that the field goal wasn't a game-winner. It came with eight seconds remaining in the first half and made the score Celina 29, Little Elm 3. Celina won 50-3, but those three points are the only points that 5-0 Celina has surrendered this season.

On occasion, coach Butch Ford dons a Celina orange golf shirt with "10-1" stitched on one of the sleeves. It's the name of the defensive scheme he's been coaching for nearly 30 years. Celina's 10-1 defense is what it sounds like 10 men up, one guy back. It's full court pressure on the gridiron. Or as Ford puts it: "It's aggressive. There are no ifs or buts about it. It's more of a 'Go sic 'em.' "

The defense comes in waves. Quarterbacks rarely have time to stand back and throw. The pocket collapses quickly and chaos ensues.

"It's a rush," senior defensive tackle Nick Hauk said. "We all have strong personalities. You are constantly blowing and going. The offense doesn't know where you are coming from. It's flat-out fun."

The scheme's brilliance is its simplicity. Crowd the line. The defensive linemen stunt and confuse offensive linemen. Linebackers fly in. Party in the backfield.

So simple, yet not many have solved it. The scheme has been good for eight state championships – six at Celina and two at Pilot Point.

Retired Celina and Pilot Point coach G.A. Moore devised Celina's 10-1 defense in the 1970s, Ford said. It's a derivative of the 6-5 stack that teams used to use in goal-line situations. Moore liked its aggressiveness and wanted to come up with a similar scheme that could be used anywhere on the field and not just in short-yardage situations. Along came the 10-1.

The evolution of offenses has forced Celina to alter the scheme. First, the misdirection of the Veer and Wing-T challenged the defense's aggressiveness.

The popular offense of choice now – the spread – doesn't allow Celina to crowd the line. Celina counters with bump and run coverage and plays zone very infrequently.

When Ford presents the defense at clinics, coaches can't believe its simplicity. They accuse him of not revealing portions of the scheme.

"We don't have a magic formula," Ford said. "We're not any great wizards. ... It's easy to coach the 10-1: You just fire them up and turn them loose."

Ford said the players' work ethic keys the scheme. Although its town is slowly seeing signs of suburbia, Celina football is very much country. Ford said it takes hard workers to make the scheme successful.

RICK GERSHON/DMN Celina's Cody Tomplait (middle) and Philip Ormston put pressure on Pilot Point quarterback Arthur Buckingham. Celina's 10-1 defense places 10 players near the line and one player back. The idea is like a full-court press in basketball. 'The offense doesn't know where you are coming from,' senior defensive tackle Nick Hauk said. "The 10-1 is my favorite defense because of the way we go all out," senior defensive end Cody Tomplait said. "I love the way we fire off the ball."

Celina's defense is giving up 63.8 yards per game, the best among the area's Class 2A schools. Ford isn't quite ready to say this season's defense is his best ever, but he's sure it's one of the fastest. The slowest starter runs a 4.9 40-yard dash. Ford said he's never had a team pursue to the ball faster than this one.

"They don't have a chance of winning a sprint relay, but they can run," Ford said. "That's what's so remarkable about them."

Celina's best effort may have come against Little Elm, despite the fact that it's the only game in which Celina allowed points.

Little Elm entered the game with a 4-0 record and had averaged 389.8 yards of offense. Little Elm left Bobcat Field with only 51 total yards. Celina registered seven sacks and tossed Little Elm for losses 17 times, both season highs.


DOMINANT DEFENSE Celina has given up three points during its 5-0 start. Here's a game-by-game breakdown of how its defense has performed. Date Opponent Rush. Yds. Pass. Yds. 1st Downs Sacks Pts Aug. 26 Royse City 43 37 4 0 0 Sept. 2 Nevada Comm. 19 23 3 2 0 Sept. 9 Pilot Point 8 121 3 5 0 Sept. 16 Pottsboro 13 0 6 2 0 Sept. 23 Little Elm 21 30 9 7 3

Celina (5-0, 0-0 District 13-2A) vs. S&S Consolidated (3-2, 0-0), 7:30 p.m. Friday, Bobcat Stadium
"Some athletes have division 1 dreams and jv work ethic" - random