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How the season went with our SW/DW Hybrid offense
« on: October 21, 2017, 01:24:47 PM »
So an update on how my season went with our SW/DW hybrid offense this year.  We ran 4 formation's total, Base, Spinner, Beast, and Loose.  We primarily used Base and spinner. Due to how our league rules are written, kids have to start at least 1 way or have equal playing time as close as possible if you have over 22 kids on the team. (So if you have a team of 19.  If 11 start and play on offense the other 8 must start and play an equal amount of time on defense and the remaining spots needing to be filled must be rotated so rest off the kids aren't getting more playing time than the others. You can have the kids play oneway.)  We had a team of 23 kids.  We had about 15 average/slightly average players, and 8 one task players.  Since we play in a developmental league, we always try to have the kids play both sides of the ball so they can learn offense and defense.  How we did this is half the team would play offense, the other have would play defense and at half time we would switch so the kids could play the other side of the ball.  We never had superior kids, but all of our kids worked hard, had a team first attitude, and they never got down even in bad situations.  We had 2 WB's, 2BB's, 2FB's and 3Qb's.  All the kids scored touchdowns this year, and each game we got every kid in the back field to carry the ball (And sometimes lineman) at least once.  We finished the year 3-1 in the regular season, losing to the team that eventually got 4th overall, and we qualified for our playoffs with that 3-1 record as one of the top six teams in the league.  We lost our first playoff game 22-16 to the team that ended up losing in the championship game. We had a chance to score to tie the game with a minute left to go, but ended up fumbling it which they recovered to seal the deal.  We out played both teams in each of our loses, but what killed us were turnovers, and penalties while being deep in those team's territories.   We won our second playoff game which let us finish 5th place overall in our league.  We averaged about 22 pts per game and only gave up 10 pts game.  5th overall out of 22 total teams with a 4-2 overall record was a pretty good year I thought.  The kids had a blast, and are super excited for next year.

Sorry if this is written poorly.  I'm horrible at writing.
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