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Title: 7on7 passing league report with the 63
Post by: Coach_O on May 18, 2014, 11:25:27 AM
Hey coaches,

Decided to go with Jacks 63 for this season and since we started early and have 7on7 passing league. We started inplemting it already.

Pretty much using corners, monster, line backers and de.

The calls that we use the most are Red, Red Spread but our favorite so far has been Mutant. Mutant is such a great equalizer against these faster teams. We match up one on one and the corners and monster are just robbing the ball in the air.

Once in a while my corners try to get to involved with the underneath stuff and let a guy slip buy them. Decipline problem on that one.

I can't wait til 11 man tackle season when we can bring the heat and cause mayhem in the backfield.