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Title: QB spy player help
Post by: flexbone on October 07, 2018, 03:30:43 PM
Where do you line up the QB spy player, how does he affect run fits, and where should we "pull" him from aka what position should he be from our base defense. MLB?

We are pretty much a 4-4 cover 3 team. The next team we play only true threat is their QB (running/scrambling off broken plays). They line up in shotgun Double TE with a RB and an h-back that lines up behind their TE. QB Bootleg, Jet Give, and QB keep off fake Jet and anything QB take it and run (grab bag offense). I will lose to QB throwing or any other player. We will put our best guy to spy him. I'm thinking follow/chase QB wherever he goes whether he has the ball or not. Where do you line him up and what depth as to not affect the rest of your defense to keep it the same as possible.