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Title: Mahonz Play Calling System....
Post by: mahonz on February 19, 2011, 12:29:08 AM
OK….at Shamrocks request….

We have used a unique play call system from first grade to semi pro adults for the past 5 or 6 years.

Its also why….if you have downloaded one of my offensive play books…the play calls make absolutely no sense. If you had the key code they make perfect sense.

A quick note. The last championship we won at the adult level was against a 20 year veteran semi pro coach with the best defense the league had seen in 10 years. He was shocked that we beat him using formations. He was convinced that we were practicing 4 days a week. Nope. Just two. He was just blown away by all of our formations…so keep that in mind but also appreciate that these were all experienced grown men.

About 6 years ago I was browsing Hueys forum and stumbled across the Joe Gibbs number system he used for the Deadskins back in their heyday. It was pretty simple actually and he used it for one reason…to out formation his opponents. It was mostly to help out with all of the motions he liked to use.

So…being a coach that enjoys multiple formations but always struggled with when was too much I started dumbing this Gibbs thing down and it worked. It worked really well. The play calls can get a little long but they are simple tags that mean a lot. You could never run this as a no huddle. Your QB must wear a wrist coach and really annunciate when he calls the play.

Attached are a series of slides. I used the Flexbone offense as the example. You can use this system for just about anything. We have used it with the Flexbone, Wing T, I formation, Ace back formation and the Single wing. We started in on this the year we ran the Wild Bunch so we played a little bit with the concept that year with a group of 9 year olds.

Shamrock initially wanted to run one or two plays out of 5 offenses. This system tones that down so you can run one play out of 15 or more formations. It is brutal for the defense. I have had many coaches, to include the semi pro coach mentioned marvel at the ability of our offenses to change formations.

At first glance its looks a little daunting. But upon further review you will see that the kids only need to know a base formation or two and from there its all about the way the field is divided into sections.

The first series of slides labeled Page 1 thru 11 is the sequential description of how the play calls are built.

The last series of slides labeled Play 1 thru 15 is 15 separate examples of one play. Once the kids learn the base play they can learn the 14 variations in one day. You can even create a variation at halftime, for example off of something you see and run that play without ever reping it before. I have done this often. It usually has to do with one position.

It really is simple.

At the end is one play for fun. It’s a fake triple reverse out of the DCWT whereas not one hand off takes place. The play call is all per the numbering system and special tags. Its been years since we ran the DCWT but I do remember running this play twice per game and scoring at least once per game. 

Obviously you are not going to run all of the info in the attached slides with second graders but you can run simplified versions of this and then graduate up as the kids get older. The young kids do understand this numbering system. It’s the tags that can begin to confuse them from our experiences just this last season. We used this system last season with the first graders. By the end of the year they could run all 8 base plays…4 left and 4 right… out of 3 different formations without missing a beat. We motioned almost every play. The coach of the last opponent on our schedule was blown away by this and asked how we did it.  He will have to join this forum to find out.

Enjoy…and if you have any questions let me know. Now some of you will know how it is I can fill up a 90 play triple wrist coach.

A quick note…I applied this to the DW a few years back and it didn’t make any sense. I scraped the idea. But I hadn’t paid that much attention to all of the fiddling Jack has been doing with multiple formations so maybe it is viable now. I don’t know. Maybe if one of you DWingnuts is bored one afternoon….or drinking heavily….have at it. 

Anyway…this is run the same play out of multi formations / motions / shifts stuff.

The following attachments are how to build your play calls

Coach Mike

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Title: Re: Mahonz Play Calling System....
Post by: mahonz on February 19, 2011, 12:33:45 AM
...building play calls continued.

Coach Mike
Title: Re: Mahonz Play Calling System....
Post by: mahonz on February 19, 2011, 12:36:04 AM
The following attachments are some of the examples of the different formations you can create with the numbering system and simple tags. We ran this offense with a group of 7th graders and we threw some serious shit at every defense we faced. Its too bad my QB was not into playing football and with all that talent…played like a girl. Unfortunately he was the only one smart enough to run our offense.

Some may wonder why. Well look at the examples and what it does to the defense and then you will be asking yourself…why not.

Coach Mike
Title: Re: Mahonz Play Calling System....
Post by: mahonz on February 19, 2011, 12:38:18 AM
...play calls continued.

Coach Mike
Title: Re: Mahonz Play Calling System....
Post by: mahonz on February 19, 2011, 12:40:26 AM
...play calls continued.

Coach Mike
Title: Re: Mahonz Play Calling System....
Post by: mahonz on February 19, 2011, 12:41:48 AM
Attached is a fun DCWT play. It’s a DC46 killer. I used to pit Clark’s O against Clark’s D often and then poke fun at Clark. I ran the DCWT and my son ran the DC46. It was a really fun year. I kicked Jr’s a$$ in team. We were a two-platoon team that year so it was mono a mono. Yet…Im sure if you ask Jr he will remember it the other way around.

It uses our numbering and tag system. I have that playbook if any one is interested. It’s mega different from Clarks play call system…obviously.

Coach Mike
Title: Re: Mahonz Play Calling System....
Post by: mahonz on February 20, 2011, 12:04:02 PM
Attached is an example of an advanced playbook that we ran with the semi pros one season using the Numbering system.

It’s the season we out formation’d the opponent and won a championship.

We ran Read Read Spread, Single Wing Spread, One Back Spread, I Formation Spread and some Empty stuff with a sniffer back.  Then of course…. the Beast.

We practiced twice per week and the guys became very good at most things. The only part this group struggled with was our audible system. I had 6th graders knowing this stuff like the backs of their hands and grown men just refusing to study up…which was cool. If they didn’t know it they simply watched their buddies that did know it play football on Saturday nights. Receivers at the semi pro level are about a penny a dozen because I doubt any of them really studied a playbook like the rest of the team did.

Just wanted to give you an example of the flexibility this system will give you. The base was running speed sweeps and off tackle. We ran a nice wedge as well. Obliviously this playbook would absolutely melt the youth brain...but it will give you the gist of what running a multi offense entails.

Some extra work…but worth it if you are responsible about things.

Coach Mike