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Double Wing Football / Tim Murphy SGDW (is this the correct one?)
« Last post by flexbone on Today at 02:39:13 AM »
Hi coaches,

I'm looking to learn as much as I can about the SGDW and was wondering if this was the right resource from Tim Murphy ? In that it will teach drills, coaching points, how to install, the base plays, pretty much everything you need to know to successfully run it at the HS level? (Not that I'm coaching right now, but just to learn ) Also, any other resources that are available, I'm open to it. Thanks
Your Game Results / Re: #22 vs. #16
« Last post by CoachDP on Yesterday at 09:32:16 PM »
We're ranked as the #20 4A team in the state according to Simmons ratings.  We had a 3-hour coaches meeting tonight, so I guess I can see why. lol

General Defense Discussion / Re: Arm motion in tackling?
« Last post by 32wedge on Yesterday at 08:32:48 PM »
Yes.  I think it helps.

Many psychologists who work on phobias use technical methods to put the client in a position where avoidance is less attractive.

I do too, Bob.  I was just contrasting the different approaches. 
General Defense Discussion / Re: Arm motion in tackling?
« Last post by Bob Goodman on Yesterday at 08:11:48 PM »
ob is trying to teach players who are scared of contact a technical way to make tackles.
Yes.  I think it helps.

Many psychologists who work on phobias use technical methods to put the client in a position where avoidance is less attractive.
Practice / Player Evaluations / Pre-Game / Re: Advice on coaching 7's
« Last post by Bob Goodman on Yesterday at 08:07:01 PM »
after four nights some 20% still did not know the hole numbers let alone the blocking rules.  It wasn't until the end of the 4th practice that offensive positions were even settled upon.
Could these facts be related?
Josh, does "former" count?  ;)


Of course it counts! So we have 2 current or former HC’s. I was just curious.
Do we have any HS header’s on the board?

yes, both current and former

I always enjoyed putting together Jamborees because it was fun watching how others do their warm up routines.
I meant to write about this experience earlier, I was so impressed, but also wrapped up in our preparation, so hadn't yet.

Two Mondays and Tuesdays ago, the Newton High School football Braves invited the PeeWees and youth JV and Varsity teams to practice alongside them.  They also had a visiting coach (I forgot his name) those two days.  Turns out the high schoolers there practice very much the way Dave Cisar's been promoting.

No warmup laps, no sprints.  Just a few minutes of dynamic stretching; no circle-up-and-stretch.  Fast pace, running from station to station or water.  Some demonstrating and talking-to, but mostly because of the youth teams new to the drills and terminology.  The drills were very football-appropriate, albeit with less player-to-player contact than most children's coaches would use -- and dammit, the drills were actually more fun than most kiddie drills!  The HS coaches even got me laughing several times.

Very noticeably, no denigration or ranking-out of players' performance; no negative discipline in evidence at all but for one very important exception: One of the high school players, maybe a freshman or sophomore, had made fun once or twice of one of the youth players -- could be classed as bullying -- and their group's practice was stopped to get an apology from that player to his own and the youth player's team, plus some push-ups or some such humiliation/punishment.  So that's the only thing they enforce like that: respect for each other and everybody around, visiting or otherwise.  But even in that process, no yelling!

Can I be sure this wasn't just a show for us?  Not absolutely, but it probably wasn't, because our Coach Dennis has watched and praised their practices before.  In fact I think we were all favorably impressed, and made note of certain drills...but went back to yelling at our players because, hey...we're not always the best exemplars of what we want.  I do not except myself from that criticism.   :-[
General Discussion / Re: Effort vs. Mojo
« Last post by Coach TonyM on Yesterday at 02:07:08 PM »
We've implementednted a lot of Coach DP's stuff.

We're a really small middle school that generally fields 16-18 players playing against teams that generally have between 30 to 40.

Its a lot of fun getting laughed at getting off the bus or while you're warming up, and then it being 30-0 at halftime.

Yup,  we always lose the warmups.   Other teams perfectly aligned clapping together, beating on pads.  We are over there doing our warmups, four lines, ten yards, with dynamic stretching, A Skip, B Skip, Lunges, Tackle fit, Midget Stompers (Hip flexor exercise, cannot remember actual name as one of my kids named it this about ten years ago and it stuck). Twenty or so kids, but tough as nails.
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