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JohnC: Old 10-1 info
« on: August 11, 2013, 07:40:26 AM »
I found this on the old DC site. John, do you have any more info? Now that Ford and Moore are retired, who are the guys to talk to about this?

posted on 3-15-2009 at 03:06 PM   
So you want to run the 10-1 like Celina??

Here is an interview with a ex-player turned coach.

CC: Yes, I am a high school coach. But no, there is no play book. That's why this defense is so hard for outsiders to figure out. What questions do you have?

JC: Many coaches ask if there are any automatic calls to "10-1 special" from the "10-1 base"?? What about spread teams?? How do you guys defend them??

CC: Automatics are game preps, we never truely had a 100% auto, it was game planned each week depending on talent and so forth. Example: we love the spread!!!!!!! We will always bring more than they can block, that alone my be an auto that week. A 2 back set we would run the special or 5-2 and always bring 1 backer but NEVER both. A three back set we would stem back and forth showing the 10 and the special. The true key is when they have a TE the ss must jam him and destroy him, he must not get off the ball PERIOD! This defense is based on ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK!!!!!!!! Misdirection, LB reads the the back coming to him, if he leaves look for a back coming to his side, if no back comes hes way he finds the football. If these are not clear enough let me know.

JC: What about pulling gaurds and misdirection ??

CC: You don't have to worry about guards pulling because your d line is shooting all gaps (if they try to pull, you will destroy them)! SS jams the TE that is his sole job, TE can not get off the ball. Now when SS sees ball coming his way he plays football. In the spread with twins on each side, Corners cover #1 wr, ss covers #2, fs covers #2 on otherside. T's in "a" gaps (CANNOT GET WASHED DOWN!!!), LB's in "b" gaps (CANNOT NOT GET WASHED DOWN) and ends coming off the edge! Your fastest and best tackler will be the lone LB in the middle. Dont be afraid to send stunts from the secondary (usually the fs or ss). You will be in man to man and they (corners) must jam at the LOS and not allow an inside release. fs and ss play off 4-6 yards. Slow down the wr as much as possible, this will throw off their timing !between the QB and WR.

JC: do you guys ever run some zone and how do you deal with trips??

CC: Yes but we call anything that has 3 wr or more on one side a bunch. When in this set we usually bail out and go to the special. Corners still have #1, if the bunch is close OT then the WILL backer covers #2 with the ss over the top. Then the remaining Backer (Sam) and FS will stack, Sam at about 4 yds and FS about 8-9 yds.

JC: How do you drill your DL??

CC: For the D-line (this also means LB's when in the 10), line up at the end of a 5 man sled, have them get in a low 4 point stance, fire out (to the outside) and drive the sled back 2 yds (only one side of the sled will move, we always just pushed it in a circle), do a forward roll and tackle a standing dummy (it doesn't matter where the dummy is standing, make the DT find it! and occasionally drop a football to create a fumble so the DT will stay alert) DE, you will need a Bear End (always goes to strong side big, strong and fast!), Quick End needs to be very fast, he can be smaller also, he never goes more than 2 yards up field and his aiming point being the outside shoulder of nearest back. DE job is to keep contain at all cost, we know he probably can't do it when in the c gap with a TE, but drill it in his head that he must! DE must turn the ball up field as fast as possible so the other 10 men can hammer him! If DE can't turn him up then he must run him to the sidelin! es(this is a drill you can practice). LBers read backs coming to their side, line up your LB's and set up different back fields and make them find the ball carrier but make sure you have lots of misdirection and shotgun work, and they are usually chasing the ball carrier because the D-line has caused so mush havic! Sec. they must work man to man every day and the wr's must make them work. Make it a game, if wr catches the ball DB has to do 10 push-ups, this always creates smack talk and quality work! I hope this helps. Let me know if I can help you in any other way!

JC: Many coaches ask how much are you in the special or the base and do you ever run the 4-3 or "26" as you call it??

CC: Yes coach, game plan it and run the 10 and the special the whole game, The only time we would run the 26 is when we really got up on them.

JC: What if I want to base out of a 50?? How many techniques do the DL use??

CC: If you are going to base out of special (aka 50),make sure T are in A gap, LB's are in B gap, and DE's in C gap (if there is one) when you shift to the 10. Never line up in the 10 always shift to it or even out of it! This will make the o-line have to make adjustments at the line and if they mess up(which they will often) you will crush them!

DL has 3 attacks! 1st attack at the knee to hip area and make the OT open up to allow you in. CANNOT GET WASHED DOWN!!!!!!!!!! 2nd shoot straight through the gap(He must be fast!). 3rd dive between his legs and bear crawl for penatration. They must do something different every play, keep the o-line guessing! Most are usually good at two of the three.

I hope this is making sense.

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Re: JohnC: Old 10-1 info
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