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what I'm currently working on
« on: December 01, 2013, 08:35:50 PM »
I've been reading 2 manuals currently sabans from 2001 (4-3) rex ryan 2010 (3-4)

They both run an "even" side and a "odd" side

Currently trying to see if this concept will apply to the 10-1




Where I am now with 4-2-5 base


All this means to us is the 5th gap defender to the "odd" side will come from the secondary in auto blitz.
----c----------------m--- b--------------c

Here the "bud" has the auto fire. He will dictate his gap to hit and communicate it with the 4


Here we have a "power" call (spurs #2 is a te) now we can play games. In the auto the spur has the blitz. Based on game prep he can eithet take the blitz and be the edge player....send the "bud" and play free.

This isn't near perfect however its where I'm starting.

I was going to have 2 calls "49" even side to strength. Or "59" odd side to strength. Our strength calls differ per opponent and tendancy.

Rules of my auto : motion across formation... cover guy receiver is a rb.  Corner has 1 spur 2 bud 3. Mike will never auto.

Any thoughts are appreciated

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