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"Hog Hunt" Drill
« on: May 31, 2013, 08:22:26 AM »
We do something I call "Hog Hunt" where I have 4 players, These are my "Dogs". If you have ever seen a hog hunt using dogs this becomes easy. And since I live in Texas and most of my players have either been hunting hogs with their dads this was easy for them. Anywhoos... The dogs start off about 15 yards away from the rest of the team, I give ONE player the football (thats the hog((pigskin get it)) (Oh well) .. I pick up the player and show the 4 "dogs" who they are hunting and set him behind the rest of the "trees" or other players. Then we yell hit or hunt or go or whatever, and they all take off looking like a scene from braveheart or something and the trees are trying to block out the dogs and the dogs are completely focused on the Hog. You would think this goes the hogs way with all the blockers, it doesnt.
The hog gets caught by the dogs and they rip the throat out of the hog and the hogs dead.... Ok not so much with the last part but you get the idea.

I forgot to add was the "Hog" became the dog once he was tackled and you then do it again with 5 dogs and pick another hog.

This has also worked great for kick offs

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