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Open Field Tackle Drill
« on: August 15, 2013, 04:11:26 PM »
This has worked well for us in the past:

      :-X           >:(
      :-X           :'(
      :-X           ???

where  :-X = cone
       >:( = ball carrier
       ??? = tackler
and    :'( = coach

The   >:( has the ball in his outside arm (the right in the diagram above. On the signal he runs around the  :'( and the breaks toward the "sideline," in this case the row of  :-X s. At the same time that the  >:( starts running, the  ??? comes forward and tracks him to the  :-X, making whatever kind of form tackle you teach, head across the bow, chest plate, shoulder to hip etc. As they get better, the  >:( is allowed one cut back after he reaches the  :-X.

The  >:( starts about 4 yards behind the  :'(, and the  ??? is about seven yards on the other side. The  >:( ??? and  :'( are about four yards from the row of  :-X s. Lest the concussion police think you are running head on drills from ten yards apart, if the drill is run properly, you should end up with the  ??? breaking down about a yard from the >:(, decelerating into a good football position, and executing a form angle tackle.

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