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Training WR's on catching the football
« on: December 02, 2010, 02:23:32 PM »
View the thread Drills/Advice for catching the football on the run for further discussion

A few things I always do with my receivers.

1) AS one coach mentioned I have a bag with 8 or 9 cans of tennis balls in it.  Every receiver we have will work on this drill we get them in pairs of two and initially five yards apart.  They basically underhand toss the ball to the other receiver (all balls to one receiver and then he picks them up and throws them back).  We want them to soft under hand at first between the ears.  First set is above the chest and the second set is below the chest and we repeat this several times as time allows...  when they do this tell the receiver their HANDS ARE LIKE NETS and they must relax their hands so that when the ball makes contact the hands naturally wrap around the ball.  Any ball above the chest the thumbs are nearly touching and the pinkies are pointed up and nearly touching and fingers are spread (RELAXED HANDS IS THE KEY NOT STIFF HANDS).  Any ball below the chest line the pinkies are nearly touching with the thumbs out (AGAIN RELAXED HANDS).  The key to this drill is they must get their eyes on the ball and watch into the hands...the brain will naturally adjust the hands so that the ball runs into the hands if the focus on the ball while they keep their hands together so that the ball strikes the middle of the hands.  The key is if the hands are relaxed they will naturally close around the ball and all the receiver has to do is secure it and bring it in.  We get a lot of reps in this way.  Once they get good at this we tell them to throw them from shoulder to shoulder and speed the passes up.  The other we tell them is if you miss it or drop it forget about it and focus on the next ball...this teaches exactly the state of mind they need to have in a game...  As they get good we also move the distance out to 10 yards....
2) our basic catching drill is also our uncovered passing drill because it allows us to get a lot of meaningful reps for both the receivers and passers.  It really allows our passer and receiver to focus on the very basics of receiving and passing.  Receiver (SE is 10 to 12 yards away and SLOT is 2 yards in inside of the SE and at the depth of the SE's back heel).  The QB simply calls his cadence and turns, sets up quickly, and throws the ball to the receivers up field arm pit (aiming point).  The receiver drops his inside foot back so he presents his numbers to the passer and gets his hands up ready to catch the ball. He gets his eyes on the ball and tracks the ball from the release to his hands, secures the ball and goes vertical for 5 yards off the block of the other receiver (at first we just have our other receiver block a cone).  This teaches our QB basic passing concepts and allows us to have a coach behind him correcting set up, techniques, and delivery as well has watching the release and how the receiver catches the ball.

If the ball bounces out of his hands he stiffened his hands (this is always a problem with a receiver that is scared of the ball or unsure of himself).  If it goes through his hands he was not watching the ball but his hands.  If the ball goes by him on either side he is not watching the ball and adjusting his body and hands to get in front of it.  If the ball drops out of his hand he is not watching the ball in and securing it prior to turning up field (this is a big issues with a lot of receivers).

Between these two drills we develop our receivers basic skills.

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