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New sack and interception records at East
« on: November 23, 2014, 09:06:57 AM »
This year, running our 46 Gambler package every down (no more 353 for us) we set new school records for sacks and interceptions.  We finished with 38.5 sacks and 14 picks.

One of our ends recorded ten and half sacks. our nose guard had seven.  One end had thirteen tackles for losses, our nose had twelve as did one of our dts.  Our falcon was among the states leaders in tackles and picks. Our corners were swatting down passes and we set a new school record in passes defended as well.

while you cant just look at points allowed to evaluate a defense (because we sub kids in or give up some kickoff returns or have someone score against us on defense) you can certainly look at tackles for losses, sacks and turnovers....we had a good year on defense.  We weren't consistent, we still have some newbies who make dumb mistakes fitting wrong or blowing assignments..but what a huge improvement from my first year there at East.  WE can do much better still.

we will again commit to it next year and while we graduate eight seniors, I feel confident that if we stay healthy we will have a better year on defense next year.
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