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Re: Perfect world 38 special
« Reply #15 on: January 14, 2015, 07:26:56 AM »
The issues for us:

My spurs coach was a rookie,  hed never coached olbers in the reads/drills for playing zone/contain in cover three and all of the coaching that goes into the end play in the 46....several of his players were low football IQ guys who were very raw but athletic.  Playing in the 353 made them tentative and stiff as compared to playing on the edge in the 46.

Secondly, I noticed that after we installed fist, my lbers were no longer aggressive, they were tentative and sometimes took false steps or even zone dropped on run plays. They became more concerned with zone responsibility than run responsibility - abandoning the zone restored their discipline and aggressiveness.

Third, run fits...a run action to one side of the defense or the other required accurate gap fits by linebackers who had to fit opposite the slant charge of the defensive line, time consuming and some of our guys were again tentative- going back to one defense allowed more reps, greater depth and cross training.

IN the secondary,  I like cover three....I like having the ball in front of our our guys, however, fist is a balanced defense, formations that were uneven in terms of strengths could put us at a numbers disadvantage in the power game...many of our dbacks were not strong tacklers, but could cover due to decent agility and athleticism.  our safety could bring it, playing man allowed him to attack the run game.

practice time is a big consideration.  we are not allowed off season work with our kids.

could you give an example of a formation that is uneven that could give you problems in the power game? thanks

also when playing the stack what is your philosophy as far as bringing pressure?  I know you want to bring it every down but what is the percentage of times you would bring 4 and what is the percentage you would bring 5?  (bring 4: playing 3 deep 4 under, bring 5: 3 deep 3  under)

concerns about blitzing 2 of the stacked backers verse 2 rb sets?  (no scrape backside)