Author Topic: what are we teaching our tackle on trap  (Read 1082 times)

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what are we teaching our tackle on trap
« on: July 22, 2015, 08:03:27 AM »
here is coach calande 6 years ago regarding why coach Markham pulled his tackle on trap........Notice Coach Calande says he teaches his tackle to trap second level.....I have ours leading up the filed....what are we teaching and why?

"I was watching a cottage grove clinic film by Don Markham. Theres a point in the video (after he discusses 38,36,34 pitch) where he talks about pulling the tackle on traps (along with the guard) and he says "its the coolest thing, .looks like counter trey" and says he started doing it because he didnt want to lose the playside double team on traps vs even front two techs. He wanted to keep that double team strong and pull the bst to look for the bs lber in a 62 or 44 look. Over time he said those backers stopped making plays in the a gap under the double team.

As most of you know in my system I always pull the bsg and bst on ALL powers, counters and traps. When I first started, I taught the tackle to pull and wrap and look inside. I felt that the big tackles had trouble doing this an used them instead to trap second level (like the qb does on a power) and loved the look and feel of the trap , it had a great td alley. Interestingly Markham said that "the key to trap is to get the fb going north south" rather than running wider (ie toward the pylon) and we always found that to be true as well. "