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Winning coaching points
« on: August 22, 2015, 03:52:07 AM »
I just had a dad get appointed DC by his HC and he asked about my Killer Bee via PM.  I was typing my response to whether or not the KB would work for him or not when his payment arrived.  So my reply became water under the bridge.  I had two choices 1) Refund his money or 2) Make the defense work whether it fit him or not.

Since his payment will not clear for another 5-7 days, refund is impossible leaving me with making him win regardless of what he's got or who he faces.  So I sent him an E mail on how to do just that.  This reply fits all defenses including DC46.  So I have substituted DC46 for Killer Bee below.  It doesn't matter.  It's the same.  I have also posted this in the General Forum.

It occurred to me that I've never once shared these two lessons I learned below before here which are probably in my top three lessons in 17 years of coaching.  First, the coach who bought my system is not the HC.  He's an AC appointed DC.  Likewise, I was a DC appointed by my first HC for seven years.  When you're not the HC and you're the DC you are under the microscope.  I always felt I had two coaches to beat every week; my own HC and the opponent's OC.  The opposing OC changed every week.  My HC remained the same every week.  So he never went away.  Here is what I told the coach who bought my Killer Bee regarding his HC:

"Read the manual this weekend and write your questions as you go along.  Post them Sunday night.  Monday morning people will post their answers.  That way you’ll have them for Monday night’s practice.

I do not do this for your $ 50 or I’d wait until the 26th for your check to clear.  I do it to help kids win.  Winning has an impact on kids’ lives.  They will take winning habits to their job.  So you can E mail me on every practice and let me know what’s going right and what’s going wrong and I will answer.  In particular you should inform me of your HC’s daily reaction because he is not going to be your friend.  When you destroy his entire offense (no matter what he runs), he will want to kick you to the street.

The guy who appointed you DC can also un-appoint you.  KNOW THE SIGNS.  First, he’ll start pointing at his own players and blaming them for his plays not working.  This gives the players playing defense for you a very good feeling and you’ll probably smile too because he can’t fix it.  Whatever he’s telling his players will not work.   

Second, when this doesn’t work, he’ll come after YOU.  He will blame you for his failure.  He will tell you to move defenders because "Nobody plays a kid there!" (Translation: "Move him so my plays will work!")  Don’t let it get to this point.  When you see him going after his own players on offense because he can’t make a play work, GET OUT OF THE DEFENSE.

Call the defense together and tell them, “We’re changing defenses.  Let’s give them a chance.”

Line up in a 4-3 and let your HC STOMP YOU.   In just a few minutes he’ll be happy and your defense will be begging you to go back to DC46.  Once they ask, you’ve won.  They know they can win in that alignment.  Once they know it works they will take that winning confidence into the game and play the defense RIGHT in the game from play one.

So when they start begging you to get into DC46, tell them, “Let’s give them 3-4 more plays”.  Then do it.

It won’t be very long before HC is chewing out his offense again.  Time to get out of DC46 again.  Do not wait for him to tell you to get out.  Always be one step ahead of him."

That's my lesson for a DC to deal with his HC no matter what defense you're running.  Most every HC runs the offense, keeps the best players, and hands you the scrubs.  Yet you can still beat him in DC46 even with scrubs, and even if you only have seven to his eleven.    Any time a HC allows his DC to pick his own defense, the odds are the HC will regret it.  Because, if it works, his own offense will go nowhere in practice.  And, if it doesn't work, he'll be scored on all over on Saturdays. If your defense is good you have to deliberately give up TD's in practice to keep most HC's who are also OC's happy.

Okay!  On to lesson #2.  I still need to make this coach win after he survives not getting kicked to the street by his own HC.  How do you make a DC win?  Well!  Actually, I know how to do that.  And, again, it doesn't matter what defense you run.  The winning formula is always the same.  Here's what I told him:

"Every down you’re on defense in a scrimmage, select ONE PLAYER to watch.  Watch him for four plays in a row.  Line up about 5-6 yards behind him and always TAKE A KNEE.  Taking a knee allows you to exclusively focus on that one player (Otherwise, you tend to either watch the play or watch all eleven defenders at once.  Don’t do that!).

Whatever mistakes that kid you're watching is making he will make in those four plays.  Fix him and move on to the next kid.  It’s a SLOW but SURE process.  Be patient!  It’s the great DC’s who take a knee behind a defender during scrimmage.  You have a perfect view of his read and what he did.  If he’s a complete screw up, come back to him four plays later after coaching some other kid and start again.  It may be that being singled out for coaching makes him feel stupid which, of course, then makes him actually stupid.  So don't spend excessive time with him or you'll just make it worse.

If, after eight tries (two times behind him for four plays in a row each time), you don’t see any improvement, he’s playing the wrong position.  You will not fix him – Period – no matter how much time you spend with him.  Put someone else in his spot and move him someplace else (Which may be off the defense entirely.).    Look for what he’s trying to do naturally and match him to a position that does that.  Do not try and fit round pegs in square holes.  Regardless of his talent, if he can’t play the spot, MOVE HIM.  It is better to have an INFERIOR player play a position right than a SUPERIOR player play it wrong."

When you stand behind your defense, take a knee, and coach a single player you will shut down almost any team of equal talent.  You'll play mistake free football and they won't.  It's pretty simple really.

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Re: Winning coaching points
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2015, 11:29:22 PM »
Good info
Currently coaching 10 yr olds

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Re: Winning coaching points
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2018, 12:28:11 AM »
I can vouch for everything Clark said, in fact it happened to me. HC takes the best kids, leaves you with 7. You install a base DC46 with what you have and crush his offense to the point he takes some of your players away to “watch the offense as backups” which makes it worse when he still cant move the ball consistantly. This defense is a bear to face  ;)

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Re: Winning coaching points
« Reply #3 on: August 06, 2018, 08:18:26 AM »
When you stand behind your defense, take a knee, and coach a single player you will shut down almost any team of equal talent.  You'll play mistake free football and they won't.  It's pretty simple really.

This was huge for me when I last ran KB. Helped me fix a safety who was a great tackler but kept missing his assignment.
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