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Re: Running Drills & Ruining Drills
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How far should the running backs arms be away from his torso prior to the hand off?The upper arm across the top of the chest thumb down over nipple against the body. Lower arm making a shelve across the navel against the body. 

Is the thumb down on the high arm next to the QB?See above

What do you mean by coming over the ball? As the ball connects to the RB's body, outside hip to inside hip, the upper arm rotates over the ball. The back never grabs at the ball rather comes over it. It is upon the hand off man to either leave the ball or pull it away.

On a spread Jet type near full speed action do you have the Jet back look at the ball?Yes because we run Jet read plays. It isn't a turn his head look at the ball but he does use his peripheral vision. The key is the crow hop to insure a smooth hand off.

One of the important things about running the Spread is having great ball skills. We always pride ourselves on the ability to handle the ball. Our youth teams would always put on show with our ball handling. Our fakes always carried out, & crisp. I can give using the EDD's as a reason for this.


Thanks  for your help.
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Re: Running Drills & Ruining Drills
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