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10-1 in 2016
« on: August 12, 2016, 10:17:08 AM »
So im not coaching in a steady capacity, im a general helper for teams in my org (im president) which there are 7 tackle.

Any way, one of my former assistants and i have been working on his defense for a few years using 10-1 principles, i helped him the other day install and what he put in is his version of the concepts i shared and i like it alot.

The base is 4-2-5

Vs 02 personel

The 9 goes strong side...constantly... strength by formation if even the field.

The backers have the qb on pass and play flow on run. There are no pass responsibilities for the backers.

The secondary is 5 across
Corners have 1-  vs TE play a 7 tech if on strong side vs tight end, play 9i on weak side.
Spurs have 2 , vs TE same as corner... if #2 is in the back field play at depth
Safety has 3...if 3 is in the backfield play single high mirror/key qb.

Vs 12
----------c-------4-----0---4- $-9

Its not traditional 10, this is just an interpretation of the material ive shared here and with him. 

Thought ide share
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Re: 10-1 in 2016
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2016, 08:49:54 AM »
I like any defense that you can explain the base in 5 sentences and one diagram.

obviously, that's just the framework, the fun stuff happens when you start attacking.  but the beauty of your base is, it can handle a lot of exotic formations with very very simple rules.  so if you came out in the straight 10 and the offense suprises you with a wacky formation, you just go 'base base' and everyone knows what they are doing.

i think celina's base was a 4-2-5 back in the day.

speaking of celina, has anyone got ga moore's biography?  'more than just win' or something like that.  i'm eager to read it.
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