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Re: Apply for Varsity HC?
« Reply #15 on: June 19, 2018, 11:03:54 AM »
Interview went well I thought.  It was more a conversation about how you would handle things and run a program with a little x's and o's sprinkled in.  Out of 17 or so applicants I was one of 6-8 interviewed.  So far as I know they have narrowed that down to 2-3 finalists that are interviewing today. I am not one of those.  I think ultimately my lack of any high school experience is what probably knocked me out of the running.  If I had to guess who the final 3 were, it is 2 guys with an estimated combined 80 or so years of coaching at a pretty high level and then one younger guy who is a quality coach with head coaching experience.  Pretty tough company.

Now we wait to see what happens next.  1) I'm hoping to still be retained and allowed to do my thing at the middle school. I'm heading into my 4th year there.  2) my daughter is a freshman entering this program and I'm anxious to see who she'll get to work with these next 4 years.  I have a slight feeling that if one of the older guys gets the job there is a chance he asks me to join his staff.  But that will take some assessing of how I best serve the program: developing players at the younger middle school level or doing something at the high school level.

There are two other area programs with openings right now. Both had long time (25+ years) coaches leave.  One program was stronger than the other, but their star freshman is transferring out and the cupboard might be getting a bit empty.  The weaker program might actually have the brighter future with what they have coming up through the younger ranks.  I've coached against both middle schools for the past 3 years.  If it weren't for having 2 kids still in school I'd give both schools some serious thought.  But I'm not interested in missing the majority of their basketball games to pursue my own dreams right now.  When they are done with high school I will revisit things and maybe begin looking for other openings.

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Re: Apply for Varsity HC?
« Reply #16 on: June 19, 2018, 11:28:55 AM »
Interesting situation.  Hope it works out for you.

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