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Quick tips and calls
« on: June 29, 2018, 10:44:32 AM »
Must be close to pre season,  random emails about the 10.  So here 10 quick points about the "10".

The foundation of this defense was for players to think less and be more aggresive, remember this.

1. We dont "bear crawl" we "shoot shins" . Our 4 point stance brings our chest about 6 inches from the ground, outside leg up, shooting near shin of olineman. We ultimately want a shin and 1 step in the backfield.

2. Lbs are 1 arm length off of def line rear end

3. Cross Train all your players to gap, cover receivers, tight end,  and rb. Within reason, some kids shouldnt cover receivers of you want them to experiance success.

4. Doesnt matter what personel base your defense is, theres only 5 eligible receivers just make sure a body is on a body.

5. If you scout, match up players; this is the most missed part of the 10 i learned from Butch. Its all about matchups not pigeon toeing a player to cover #1 just bc he plays corner.

6.  Use straight 10 to start with no single high.  This is the base of the defense, selling out, going all in, throwing haymakers.  Our first scrimmage we go straight 10 and coach up players not scheme. I advise the same for any team.

7. Use single high vs sweep teams, and wr sets, only cover receivers they actually pass to ( scouting helps). 

8. Special is great vs 2 back offenses  or spread but not necessary .  Special doesnt mean single high, you can run cover "00" from special and blitz the "free man"

8. run "buddy" vs block down/kick out teams or Te+ wing looks

9. 80% of practice of defensive practice is fundys, pursuit, tackling, block shedding, and 20% is position based.

10. Just go ape. Send your players aggressively and just hang on.
"Some athletes have division 1 dreams and jv work ethic" - random

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Re: Quick tips and calls
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2018, 03:55:34 PM »
Great info as always Zach.  Thanks!

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