Author Topic: Defense tightening up on Beast?  (Read 272 times)

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Defense tightening up on Beast?
« on: October 09, 2018, 08:07:49 AM »
After you Blast them to death in Beast, they eventually start pulling guys in.  We installed a few new plays last night to get em.

We decided to roll with this Beast set up for Beast Right 36 Blast and the WB/4 has no motion in Beast for us.

   T  G C G  T  T     6
          3       1    2     4

We took out our SE for an extra big fella.

Beast Right Pass

   T  G C G  T  T     6
          1       3    2     4

4 = Quick Out
6 = Corner Route
3 = Seam  (He's going to the LB anyway, just off the outside Tackle's butt)
1 = Roll out Pass like he's going to Blast

Those guys all have the best hands on my team and one is always open.  Corner is open first, and when they start covering that, the flat and the seam are open.

Beast Left Pass is exact same thing flipped.

Beast Right 38 Option & Beast Left 37 Option with this look

   T  G C G  T  T     6
          1       3    2     4

1 & 3 both do a small roll out/bubble type motion (not too deep though) to create a tad more space.  1 is aiming to 6's inside foot, and 3 is floating out past the 4 back. When the QB finally pitches, 3 has nothing but space.  Plus with 2 kicking out and 6 on nearest LB it makes a really nice hole for the QB if he keeps it.

Blasting Left and Right a few times, and then hit em with the Option.  When they tighten up their D, this is a nice play.

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