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Film of Killer Bee
« on: November 01, 2018, 05:30:49 PM »
Here's film of a team running my DC Wing T offense and my Killer Bee defense:

On defense, Mike (#23) plays FB on offense.  The safeties are # 41 and #33 who play WB and HB on offense.  The OLB's vary but #9 and #8 would probably start.

You can watch how Mike plays at film times 2:18, 8:04, and 9:32.  He's there by assignment.
You can watch the OLB's by assignment for #9 at 18:53, 21:54, 31:25-27, and 34:20 and for #8 at 31:37, 32:08, and 33:12

You can see the safeties actually make tackles for losses at 14:11, 14:43, 21:26, 22:15, 26:45, 27:10 ans 34:19.  None of these are from blitzes.  They're done by assignment.

The coverage is zone and, once in a while, there's a mistake and a blown assignment but pretty rare.  Most plays all receivers are covered.  The pass coverage uses overlapping zones so sometimes you'll see a QB throw into double coverage and, since the safeties will read the QB eyes, triple coverage.  Any time the receiver is more than 10 yards away from the sideline (between the hash marks) it's pretty much guaranteed to be double coverage.  Most such passes are picked.  It is not unusual to have for the defense to have more interceptions than the offense to have completions. 

The OLB's play up on the line and look like your typical DE's.  Actually, players like #44 are the DE's. A couple of times you'll see #9 out wide follow a flanker in motion against the team in red.  So, no, he's not a DE, but watch him blitz!  It's hard for offenses to account for him. 
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