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A day visiting UCONN spring football
« on: February 22, 2019, 06:52:02 PM »
Shared this with parents and players...

Great teachable moments at UCONN football practice today...
1- a player uses poor leverage and ends up out of position and injures his thumb. Position coach shows his concern but also comments on not doing as coached leading to injury.
2- offensive receiver breaks out to the flat, a linebacker jumps the route and appears to have a pick six, receiver WANTS THE BALL more than the defender and rips it from his hands and runs for a nice gain. Never give up, great effort needed whistle to whistle.
3- poor blocking, or great defensive hustle and Oline coach could be heard blasting effort, intensity and later I believe was heard telling wholet team to be coachable etc. one guy not buying in destroys the best efforts of all other players.
4- linebackers dropped passes, did pushups without any complaint, just did them and did them well. No sulking.
5- players jogged and hustled and everyone was on the clock with a horn or buzzer with a sense of purpose moving from drill to drill. Coaches still blasting players not hustling sufficiently.
Coach Faiella and I attended today, unfortunately we were not able to attend Thursday. My son also got to stand on the sidelines and watch. He marveled at the roster numbers with enough players to not only scrimmage but do so with complete second teams on both sides of the ball. He also said it was obvious that just about every guy there had put in hours in the weight room.

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