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Re: 4-4 Split vs. DW
« Reply #30 on: June 10, 2013, 10:57:52 AM »
We play a Double Wing team Week 1 and a few at team camps this summer. Do you have any auto checks on fronts or coverages vs Double Wing.  The team does base block on playside on most of it base run plays. Any suggestions or pointers would be appreciated.

I have always felt that the WAY you play your DE (in a 6-2), or OLB (in a 4-4) is CRUCIAL vs. ANY "Wing" offense (DW, SW, Wing-T; ETC.).

This is how we play OURS:

Line up 1 yd. outside the Wing & on the LOS.
Always challenge the Wing.

1.   If the Wing blocks down, replace him closing down the running lane inside as much as possible, ready to take on a kick out block.
2.   If the Wing comes AT you,  attack the Wing with inside arm and leg, keeping outside arm and leg free.
3.   If Wing goes in motion,  get his eyes  on opposite back for a counter.  If no motion and flow goes away, look for bootleg, counter, reverse before pursuit.
4.   If the Wing releases,  play his pass responsibility.
NOTE:  The "Rocket" doesn't hurt this if he takes the correct angle towards the ball carrier keeping him inside at all times.  An "8 Technique" is the WAY to stop "Rocket".

"MUST HAVE" book by a GREAT Coach if you play vs. "Wing" teams.  $16 on
" Defending the Wing-T with the Split 4-4 Defense" by Bob Christmas and Ronnie Eaves (Mar 3, 2009)

Book Description
Publication Date: March 3, 2009
Defending the Wing-T With the Split 4-4 Defense is a must-read for defensive coaches who have to defend the Wing-T offense. One of the most impressive things about the book is that it gives defensive coaches a reference point as they develop a game plan for defending the Wing-T offense. The concepts are sound and the drills do a great job of reinforcing the reads and techniques presented. Coach Christmas and his defensive coordinator Ronnie Eaves lay out a method that is comprehensive, yet easy to understand. Chapters include: Terminology, Base Alignments, Defensive Tackle Play, Defensive End Play, Inside Linebacker Play, Outside Linebacker Play, Secondary Play, Pass Coverage, Basic Wing-T Plays, Short Yardage/Goal Line, Formation Adjustments, Stunts, and Drills.
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