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Re: Rule Question
« Reply #15 on: September 26, 2012, 09:47:05 AM »
Question along the same lines....

With the DCWT punt if they align over and hit the center is it a penalty ? We got flagged in the game for hitting the center on a punt, my fault cause we never worked on it before and the kids had no clue. If I tell the ref, " hey we are punting this play" is that good enough ? DCWT punt has the QB go in motion and direct snap to punter (in FB location)
This is a probably a question to bring up with the officials pregame.  Officials rarely enforce this rule at the youth level as it's written.  Technically, the center is only protected if the offense is in a "scrimmage kick formation," which is defined in Rule 2-14-2 as either having a player in a position to hold for a kick a minimum of 7 yards behind the LOS (i.e. as in a PAT or FG), or having a player in a position to receive a long snap a minimum of 10 yards behind the LOS (i.e. as in a punt).  At the youth level, teams rarely have their players that deep, but the officials tend to protect the center on any long snap.  I've even had officials protecting the center on regular SW snaps (i.e. 3 or 4 yards).  It's a safety issue, so I get it and have no argument with it.   You probably just need to talk to the officials pregame to determine how they're going to call it and what you need to do.
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Re: Rule Question
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We punted 1 time this year in a game where we were up by I think 45 or so.  I had put kids that had no idea how to carry the ball etc and we were backed up about the 30.  I could have gotten a first but told my commisioner that I was going to punt just to get the practice.  We ran a quick punt and they didn't know it was coming.  He boomed that thing in a tight spiral 50 yards in the air from a rugby kick!  It then proceeded to roll to about the 20 yard line.  About a 60 yard kick!   After I picked my jaw up from the ground with the other coaches we realized we now have another secret weapon!  We made him do it in practice a few more times and sure enough he boomed them again, maybe not that far but it was way far enough to pin someone back.

Not that I ever punt but you know, just in case..
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