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Stumbled on a Good Drill
« on: October 04, 2012, 09:34:15 AM »
I think I accidentally created a good zone blocking drill. I meant for it to be a two level blocking drill to get kids to block down field, and it worked pretty well. I also wanted to put kids in situations where they couldn't block because it would be illegal because we had a lot of blocks in the back and stuff like that.

It's basically Tackle baseball on a 10 by 10 diamond. I did it with one hitter, one runner and two tacklers. The one hitter would work out with the runner which way he was going to go, and one tackler started at home plate, and the other started at 2nd base. The thing was, this was kind of a bad drill for us because we're not a zone blocking team, but it was a great drill for 2nd level blocking, and it would be a great drill for zone blocking. The lineman pretty much had to run down the base line to make the block, otherwise it wasn't very useful because the 1st level could break off and make the tackle. The results were very similar to zone blocking.

I'm thinking about changing the drill to have two hitters. I'll probably have them pin and pull (I think I'm using that right), but for zone blocking they could just zone - and the D-lineman could line up anywhere and do anything he wanted.

The best part about this drill is that some kid said to me afterwards, "That drill was awesome!"