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Classic DCWT Links
« on: February 15, 2013, 09:45:48 AM »
The links below are currently not working. I am looking to get the best info from the Classic Site on here in a different way.


Below are links I've compiled from the Archived DumCoach site. The original topic may have a different title than I have listed here, but I was trying to point to the information that I thought was most important in that post.

Please note that some of these posts are up to seven years old, so the terminology may have changed since then, but the value of the information is still top notch. If you have questions pertaining to anything in these posts, you can post them here. If the discussion warrants it, I will move it to its own topic on this forum.

This is a living document until I get through all 33 pages of posts. Enjoy!

Why DCWT? - Pt 1
Reason for RB Alignments

Football Schools Original

Drills, Training, etc.
Common Mistakes
FB Training
Running Off On Blocks
Center Cut Block
Center Blocking
Training the FB
WB Power Blocking - Kick vs Load

Installation and Play-Specific Topics
Installation Order
47 Speed Install
Left 32 Trap - (Not) Blocking Mike

TD Plays 1
Fave Plays 1
Dodd Series

Plays from BO and EO

Strategies for Attacking
Adjusting to the Box
Chalk Talk - DCWT vs 33SA
Why Slot Against 50 Front?
5-2 Cover 2 with Stud DTs and Ss
Making the Quick 33 work against a 6-2
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