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I would love to get some community feedback on a new website that I created with some friends where you can draw plays on a virtual whiteboard and post them for others to see. It would be great to hear if there is interest in what we are doing and what improvements we should make. This was designed with Youth football coaches in mind because of the challenges of finding time to whiteboard together.

Website is Looking forward to hearing from you.

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To hard to draw on bro just tried but i'll keep messing with it .
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I was able to draw on it easily enough once I played around and became familiar. 

With that said I could save it but not send it using the message button. so  I signed up but did not receive a contact email yet to be able to log in.  I will play around with it some more and let you know any thing else I see.  Overall I love the concept so Thanks.
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I think that I need a tutorial  ;D

Some thoughts:
- Need ability to drag an item that you have placed in case it is in the wrong spot.
- When you hover over one of the tools on the left, it should give you a word or two telling you what that tool does
- clicking on the trash can deletes everything that you have done without a prompt and the undo option doesn't get it back.  Should have at least a warning that you are going to lose everything

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I love it. I would echo some of the stuff that's already been said. Dragging something would be perfect. Also, an eraser would be nice rather than just an "undo" or "clear all".
What would also be great is if you could save a base formation, much like the little "TE" button you have, but it would be your own formation.