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Author Topic: Strategy for a Kick Return  (Read 2912 times)

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Strategy for a Kick Return
« on: May 14, 2012, 12:19:22 PM »
I am a coach that believes in complexity, yet I believe in simplicity at the same time.At the level I coach at, I try to keep things not too clogged up, otherwise the players have difficulty understanding.

I have looked at film and seen just a few diagrams of kick returns.It seems like the only real strategy I know behind the kick return game is "everyone make a wall the way the guy is running." Now, I don't mean this in a sense the play is planned out and premeditated.Like when I play youth, return right had everybody just running right with the ball carrier behind them.

I was watching some inside access ESPN type of stuff (I think it was on Florida State) and the special teams coach had a literal srategy for the kick return squad.Understand, I know at the higher levels they have actual strategies for special teams due to, duh, their playing at a higher level.However, I have coached special teams for only a year and know the overall special teams facet quite a bit.However, again, I feel like I don;t have much knowledge on the "strategy" aspect of special teams.

Anyone that maybe can explain the idea behind special teams strategy (more-so play structure,not goals, philosophies,etc.) I would appreciate it,thanks.

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Re: Strategy for a Kick Return
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2012, 05:24:03 PM »
I run 5-4-2 ...

My tackles are inside the number, gaurds inside the hash, center between the hashes favoring the kicker

Second row aligns in the gaps 6-8 yds behind

Deep 2 mid point the gaurd and center 6 steps behind the second row

We swing the backside players frontside while the kicked toward side  shuffles toward the second row 3 steps then sabs away from the side line the ball is kicked to, middle kick we return to our bench

Deep guy not getting the ball is the personal escort of the deep partner, if ball goes second row. We knee it down ill take the ball from within our 40 everytime and it reduces fubmles.

Kick off i put 6 guys left, 4 right and 2 safeties pooch kick off the tee, i have 2 gunners lanesmen and 2 safeties, coaching point ...inside shoulder on the ball carrier, nnext year ill focus on using the sideline as a 12th man

Punt return is about pressure block the kick

Punting is about trickery see dc punt
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Re: Strategy for a Kick Return
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2012, 12:38:30 PM »
I like John Reeds observation about the message given to the players on the kick return team.

Instead of the generic "block a man after the ball is past" he not only assigns a man for his players to block but states "don't let your man make the tackle".  Messaging this way helps prevent a "hit and quit" by the return team.