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Your Game Results / Re: Rant
« Last post by GP on Today at 12:07:11 PM »
BTW DP - I hope you guys made out okay with Florence!
Your Game Results / Re: Rant
« Last post by GP on Today at 11:32:23 AM »
My only caution is don't expect there to be a huge jump in sophistication at the next level.

So you're saying I have a chance to be successful  ;D
Coach Wilkins Systems ( Dumcoach ) / Re: Back Into Coaching
« Last post by Coach E on Today at 11:20:52 AM »
Ugh. Another practice held in a gym last night and tonight's is in jeopardy of being cancelled. I've asked the AD where to bring the kids in case of dangerous weather as I plan on having practice regardless. We need it. We have a game tomorrow afternoon and we never got the hitting or the reps done.

We got access to a gym for about 30 minutes last night and tried to rep through the various formations we have, getting as many of the players in and out as possible. We now have 20 kids on the team and 15 showed up. Missing were two linemen, two receivers and a kid we wanted to get reps at 1 Back if for no other reason than to start taking snaps. One of our linemen will be gone for the next 15 days. The remainder of our games are on Wednesdays, which is when all of the churches around here hold their religious ed classes, so we will be losing different kids for different games. We'll just keep plugging along.
Double Wing Football / Re: Big time struggles
« Last post by PSLCOACHROB on Today at 10:36:59 AM »
No power blocking scheme that I know of works if the oline is "catching". Fix that first. It will probably make things run much smoother.

The defense is probably just cross keying your wings. We ran counters more often than most to counter that because that is what counters are for. Sort of why they call it counter. We usually ran at least 4 counters, sometimes 5. Make sure you run sweep as well. Loosens up the edge defenders.

Sometimes your offense is bogged down because of bad technique. Sometimes it is the defensive scheme. Sometimes it is they have better dudes. Often, especially with dw guys (they can be a stubborn lot and will try to shove the square power peg into a round defense) it is playcalling. If the defense is cross keying wings and are scraping and filling based on that you aren't going ti be able to run power. You can crush teams doing that by running XX sweep. Sweep, not counter.
General Discussion / Re: 0-2 So far... Losing Confidence in Myself
« Last post by Mean Machine on Today at 10:07:57 AM »
I agree with all of the great advice above!  The fact that you are on the site looking to improve as a coach leads me to believe you will be alright. 

In the meantime, just remember exactly why you are coaching.  Is it about getting Gatorade dumped on you because you won the Pee Wee Championship?  Or, is it to teach kids the fundamentals of football and the love of the game?  If your kids continue to improve as football players, and come back to play year-after-year, someday you will look back and view your coaching "career" as a success.
Your Game Results / Re: Rant
« Last post by CoachDP on Today at 09:55:41 AM »
Awful lesson for the kids likely driven by the coaches' egos (ie in their mind 26-0 with 8 left in 2nd Q somehow better than ending 50-0

—It’s totally amazing to me the number of “men” who think they are fit and suitable to coach kids.  They quit when they’re behind, post questionable content on their social media accounts for their players to see, use inappropriate language, etc., yet act as if there is nothing wrong in how they model behavior for teens and younger children.

This is the kind of stuff that's really getting to me re youth football. Our Kickoff Classic opponent didn't even show up a few weeks ago after confirming that morning. The team we play next week forfeited to us last year (at least before the game w notice but still).

—I’ve experienced some of that this year and it sours me on the youth game.  The lack of professionalism and common courtesy is prevalent here; much more so than at the high school level, in my experience.

I know HS Ball isn't perfect but def feeling the itch. However I have a lot of family and career considerations that impact that decision - otherwise I'd already be coaching HS.

—Greg, I never had the desire to coach high school football until I got an offer I couldn’t turn down.  It took me a few years of adjusting to it, but there is no comparison between the two.  I’ve enjoyed high school much more.  And there is far less complaining about butt-kicking at the high school level.

Don't get me wrong, still enjoy coaching the youth game and our rivals present a very formidable challenge (albeit only twice a year - A LOT of time put in for two real games).

—Exactly.  When I first started coaching youth ball, I scouted everyone but learned that most of it was a waste of time, as our opponents rarely had decent coaching.  As you said, preparing for only a couple games a year is lacking when you consider the overall time investment.

I've dragged these guys to clinics, told them what they need to fix but realized they just don't care. They're fine w going 0-8.

—Yes, they are.

I've been with this program my whole coaching career. For the most part, I have accepted it as a challenge to overcome. However I've gotten to a point where I really believe for me to keep growing as a coach, I need to be surrounded by others with similar goals & mentality.

—Agree.  It took me a while to get comfortable with the high school game, but unlike youth (where the outcome is usually decided within the first 4 minutes), in high school I’ve got to keep my foot on the gas for the duration.

There is literally not one coach in our program who I learn anything from aside from what not to do which at this point I have seen plenty of.

—In the beginning of my coaching career, that was valuable to me.  But as I gained more experience, there was no in our org I could learn from.

Original timeline was a couple years from now but I'm starting to think about how I can speed that up significantly.

—Well good luck with it.  You’re more than capable to be very successful at the HS level and it will give you a more competitive option.

Your Game Results / Re: Rant
« Last post by MHcoach on Today at 09:25:04 AM »

I have watched the state of football in NYC deteriate over the years, often through your eyes. When Nick Mitsakis, ran the league it was thriving with many more teams & divisions. That type of nonsense really didn't occur.

I understand your frustration, & in a certain way I agree it's time for you to take the next step. My only caution is don't expect there to be a huge jump in sophistication at the next level.

General Discussion / Re: 0-2 So far... Losing Confidence in Myself
« Last post by ZACH on Today at 08:58:12 AM »
If you dont bring up the loss the kids wont remember, likely forgot the score.

Each week should be fresh regardless of the previous outcome imo. Energetic, enthusiastic,  and constructive coaching always will prevail.

Head up, eyes forward
Your Game Results / Re: Rant
« Last post by GP on Today at 08:47:51 AM »
You ever started the game with your back ups when you knew you were going to win big?

Every week in practice is a competition for starting spots. If our 1 is our best competitor, I believe he deserves to start regardless of the opponent. If the backup is giving us a better effort in practice, we'll start him regardless of the opponent.

We also have an attendance policy we strictly enforce. Two practices a week in season - miss one = sit half, miss two = don't play. Tardiness treated similarly.

So between those policies, we're often starting a handful of backups anyhow or have regular changes in our starting lineup. We don't want anyone comfortable except the QB.
Single Wing Football / Re: Dave cisars system for 6u flag?
« Last post by Dimson on Today at 08:34:25 AM »
We play in tyfa, so as long as there isnt any "wrong ball" trick play kind of crap, we're allowed to run wedge.
Then you could easily run DCUBSW if you have no restrictions. Just got to figure out which player to take out of the formation.
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