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General Discussion / Re: Hudl Rant
« Last post by defensewins on Today at 03:01:56 AM »
Did anyone ever get a response from XOs?  I'm curious because they are gold standard video system of the NCAA.  And what XOs does/can do...seems way more expensive than hudl.
General Offense Discussion / Re: Clap Cadence
« Last post by defensewins on Today at 02:31:47 AM »
A few years ago, we did a little blend of both.  When the QB was ready, the CENTER called a cadence (it was essentially "Set, Go").  The center was taught to vary the timing between the clap (communication from the QB to the Center that everyone was lined up and ready to go) and his cadence.  There were a few things to iron out (motions, play clock for delay of game, etc.) but it worked just fine. 

To me, the biggest reason why I like this is for practice...the OL get to hear the same voice and work the same cadence in EVERY DRILL THEY DO and it translates to game day.  That was the best year we ever had getting off the ball as an OL. 
A question concerning running Power with a hand off versus a toss. What plays into the decision? Is one better than the other for timing, for rb vision, or maybe depending on what you want the QB to do once the ball is out of his hands, ie. block playside, threaten playside contain or boot to the backside? When teaching, has your experience  shown one less time consuming than the other?  Is it just a player preference thing? Again, we will be I formation primarily and even when we go one-back, it will be under center.
Hand off all day long and twice on the weekends...Power is an A Gap hit that veers off tackle if the A Gap is cloudy.  QB needs to get the ball to the RB as deep as possible, all to allow the RB to have the cleanest read possible. 

(Side note: there are plenty of coaches that run POWER as strictly an off tackle play...and there's nothing wrong with that.  Even so, I still would not want to pitch the ball...I think the timing might be off for the RB to follow the BSG through the hole.)
Running Game and Rule Blocking / Re: Improving second level blocking
« Last post by defensewins on Today at 02:06:09 AM »
The same concept as Zach and CoachDP...the words we used were "Step on Toes" allowed us to cover up the second level and let our back set up the block.
General Discussion / Re: Moving on.... down.
« Last post by COACH JC on Today at 02:01:05 AM »
Hows it going? I ran Jacks 6-3 in Red (read) most all the time so this D is very familiar to me.
We ran spill and kill the key to your D will most likely fall on the DE's
The more aggressive they are the better your defense will be.

Going well, thanks Robert. Jackís D is prob a good call.
Most youth coaches manage to cram 15 or so minutes of practice into two hours.

I'd plan the hell out of each practice, and make sure you come as close as you can to everyone -- coaches and players -- doing something useful at every single moment.

It's not usually the practices you don't get that kill you. It's the practices, and parts of practices, that you waste that kill you.
General Discussion / Re: This all seems like way too much too soon, thoughts?
« Last post by CoachDP on Yesterday at 11:51:02 PM »
To me, this seems like a lot of scrimmaging to begin with, nevermind jamming them all in such a short period of time.  This is with a team of 16 kids, who knows who will be away on vacation or sick.


Dunno.  How long is each scrimmage?  What's the format?  It certainly isn't the way it's "usually done," but I don't see anything wrong with it.  I'd just rather spend the time practicing, than scrimmaging.

General Discussion / Re: This all seems like way too much too soon, thoughts?
« Last post by CoachDP on Yesterday at 11:45:02 PM »
Can practice up to 6 days per week, one of which has to be no helmets or pads.

One what?  One day?  One week?

I agree.  Also itís weird that they allow so many practices as well. 

I guess the good news is that the teams you scrimmage will be in the same boat as you.
My thought is: you're right.

BTW, just because you can practice 6 days a week doesn't mean you should!
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