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So lessons learned, now that the season is over.

We tried several kids at snapper over the season.

1) "L" was our snapper for most of the season. His snap was put together like a Rube Goldberg device. Every aspect had a key word, a technique or a "trick". If any one of those parts failed, the snap was doomed. He was horribly inconsistent. We'd get "too high" fixed, only to get "too far left" for a day or two out of the blue. We'd invent some contraption to fix that and we'd get "roll on the ground." That wasn't his main problem. Once we got all of his mechanics fixed, we discovered that he simply had "off days". These were days when the snapping side of his brain was pre-occupied with being sick, too hot, too cold, too bored, too mad, too sad, too  . . . anyway. We fired him after the last regular season game because he simply wasn't the guy.

2) "Z" was happy go lucky and willing to please. He was the complete opposite of "L". All he was ever told was to fix his stance and "snap the ball". If the snap was too high, we'd tell him "bring it down a bit". Unfortunately, he lacked fine motor skills and was also inconsistent. We fired him the first practice after the last regular season game.

3) "B" was the biggest kid on the team. Big body, big hands. However, he could be a complete basket case. He asked if he could try snapping, so we let him. He was doing okay that practice until he got tired of it and "punished" us by snapping the ball all over the place. He even admitted to doing it on purpose because he wanted to play defense at that moment. Fired.

4) "J" was a blocking back and MLB. In game 2 when both C's were hitting around 30%, he rolled his eyes at me and asked, "Coach, can I please go snap the ball?" I had him do a few practice snaps and he was passable. Mahonz is always quick to point out that the kid played C as a 1st grader, but when I asked him, he had only snapped to a QB under C. Anyway, he got the job in week before our playoff game. He did fine in the playoffs.

The lesson learned is that getting the right guy is the most important thing. I've written thousands of words on what I look for in a C. We simply didn't have that kid on the roster in the first half of the season. It was still Sesame Street in pads. Just after the half way point, lights started going on for kids. It was at that point we should have looked for the right guy. Hind sight.
General Discussion / Re: Fantasy Football
« Last post by COACH JC on Yesterday at 11:49:43 PM »
How bout going from 1-5 to 5-5?! Right in the mix baby!

Sports- Fandom and Coaching / Re: The NFL Draft; do you watch?
« Last post by Adiizo-la on Yesterday at 10:01:26 PM »
I watched, but the memory of the delayed hair.

Gclub มือถือ
General Offense Discussion / Re: Direct snap troubleshooting - too high
« Last post by Adiizo-la on Yesterday at 09:50:10 PM »
Everything about the length of the lever and its strength.

General Discussion / Re: Nows as good of time as any
« Last post by mahonz on Yesterday at 09:25:08 PM »

My deepest condolences.  I lost my middle son in March so I can truly empathize with you.  It is very difficult to put feelings into words.   A wise man once told me that any day I can talk about him is a good day.  Indeed that concept has helped me a lot  (Thanks Mike).

Prayers to your family in this difficult time. 


Love you my Brother.
General Discussion / Re: Fantasy Football
« Last post by Dimson on Yesterday at 08:39:54 PM »
Hopefully, my first round draft pick will decide to play football before playoff time.
General Discussion / Re: Nows as good of time as any
« Last post by angalton on Yesterday at 08:23:26 PM »
My condolences and prayers to you and your family.
Running Game and Rule Blocking / Re: Best Blocking Resources
« Last post by Coach Correa on Yesterday at 08:17:09 PM »
I coach in a spread system with 2-3 ft splits...for us it's hands blocking for the most part. Our guys use the shoulder and or flipper in kick-outs and combo's.

I am a huge fan of LeCharles Bentley's ways. I think his stance is one of the most innovative things I have seen in football and his coaching cues are brilliant. When it comes right down to it coaching is all about cues. I pay for his materials but a ton of it is free on Youtube.

One of the things I have learned is that it takes a few..or five seasons to figure out exactly what you are after. Even then, things can change for you and you will have to re-think your approach. If we were foot to foot as Tito and some others are...I wouldn't be teach hands so....
Were doller billz never foot to foot lol But in reality were anywere from 6-12 inches things would change technique wise if we were wider. Both ways work with any situation once again it boils down to what you believe in.
General Discussion / Re: Nows as good of time as any
« Last post by bayoubengal on Yesterday at 07:40:36 PM »
Iím so sorry to hear this, canít even comprehend the heartbreak your family is going through.
Your Game Results / Re: My Season
« Last post by MHcoach on Yesterday at 06:45:41 PM »

Thanks, the truth is you did a great job coaching this year. You had limited talent & got them to the final game.

You know my dear friend I am always available.

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