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General Discussion / Re: Michael
« Last post by angalton on Today at 06:05:47 PM »
I will be posting game film this year. Once I figure out how I am going to do it, probably YouTube. As for the other stuff in this post, I say keep the personal attacks, between the two people. No need to be crude, rude, or disrespectful. Truth is truth, but use tact. Also written words can be misconstrued.
General Discussion / Re: Michael
« Last post by davecisar on Today at 04:58:26 PM »
Dave C,

Have you ever posted film here?

I just posted
I don’t have the time money or inclination
If someone wants to send me 4-$500 for my guy to do it
I still wouldn’t
My coaches are already at a huge disadvantage
Not doing that to them or my pocketbook
Give up already
You can buy game film if you want to
General Discussion / Re: To scrimmage or not to scrimmage...
« Last post by CoachDP on Today at 04:53:28 PM »
It's important to know and understand the parameters of the scrimmage situation.  Are you playing an exhibition game?  Is it a teaching scrimmage?  Do I get the ball for 10 plays, 10 minutes or are we mimicing situations?  1st & 10, 4th & 1, goal line, extra-points, punts and kick-offs?  If you use it as a teaching scrimmage ("Let's run this again.  My Left Guard was slow on his pull."  "Coach, where did your Linebacker come from?  Can you show me where you had him positioned?") you can accomplish a lot.  Also in a teaching scrimmage, it's very easy to keep the egos in check; especially if you take the time to congratulate their players when they make a good play.  I love to participate in teaching scrimmages.  Unfortunately, when we invite teams, we never hear from them again.  When we're invited, they want to do it like a round-robin tournament.  So I guess we're sitting out all of the pre-season scrimmages, this year.

Double Wing Football / Re: Our Double Wing
« Last post by CoachDP on Today at 04:37:51 PM »
Very basic fundamental attack and was wrecking those kids.

--Of all my years of running the Double Wing, that season was the most basic and elemental that we've run it.  Even at the youth level, we used a bunch of "kitchen sink" formations, as well as using a "shell game" approach.  We were way behind in the development of our offense, all season.  Part of that was due to coming in late as coaches, and being hamstrung by the Varsity header who limited our practice time during the spring and summer.  We didn't have an "off-season" install to get players up to speed, like we can now.  Also, since it was Coach W, myself and 40 players, we were painting with a very broad brush, so we kept it as basic as we could.  So we paid more attention to just the basic repetition of "doing what we do" and avoiding the temptation to add, when we felt like our strength was our simplicity and physicality.  That was one reason we brought in Coach Wyatt over the summer, to develop additional concepts like his "Open Wing."

Did I notice that on your power play your QB doesn't seem to lead in the hole that the runner is going?  Did I see that correctly?  It looks like he runs wide and blocks outside... Was that something you changed?

--You saw that correctly, but not something that we had changed.  In our "shield concept" our QB is on the outside edge of the shield.  What you saw is the ball-carrier running the ball tighter than where the play was called, probably because he saw a gap he thought he could hit.  The "strangest" concept for our Backs to understand was not to look for daylight or run to a gap (hole) because you see one.  There isn't supposed to be one.  And if there is a hole there, it's because part of your shield is missing: don't run there!

The usual discussion with my Backs is:

Player:  "Where's the hole?"

Me:  "What are you talking about?"

Player:  "I didn't see a hole there."

Me:  "What hole?  There is no hole."

Player:  "Then where am I supposed to run?"

Me:  "Where the play-call tells you to."

Player:  "But what if there's no hole?"

Me:  "What is this 'hole' thing you keep talking about?  There is no hole.  There's not supposed to be a hole.  We tell you where to run, and with your shield in front of you, the defense can't touch you.  Stay behind your shield."

It takes them a bit to understand and trust it, because every one of our Backs came from a zone scheme.  So instead of running to daylight, we told our Backs to stay in the darkness.


Parents / Players / Re: Had a Player quit already
« Last post by gumby_in_co on Today at 04:32:35 PM »
Somehow, I heard this in Alec Baldwin's voice from Glengarry Glenross. "Coffee is for closers."

“Tattoo???!!! How about we learn how to not crap in our own helmets before we start talking tattoos??!!!”
General Discussion / Re: Watching Video
« Last post by tiger46 on Today at 04:30:21 PM »

That seems to be more In-Game coaching than breaking down film.  I think it's a valid part of the part of the discussion.  In fact, I guess I'm trying to break down the process of how to obtain and break down film for youth coaches.

1.) Obtain or gain access the equipment.
2.) Finding the correct POV(s) to get useful footage.
3.) Training or obtaining someone to video the games properly
4.) Knowing and teaching coaches what to look for.
5.) Game-Planning: Figuring out what we're going to do about it when something useful is discovered.
6.) Working it into practices.

Is that about a complete process?  Other thoughts? Suggestions?

Parents / Players / Re: Had a Player quit already
« Last post by gumby_in_co on Today at 04:29:53 PM »
Had only one player quit so far. He was a very talented and athletic kid playing ball for the first time. He also does hip-hop dance and is very involved with some youth group. He quit to play for the crosstown rival, who practice on different nights than us, since it lines up better with his schedule come September. Oh well, at least he's still playing the game.

One other new player was on the verge out of fear of getting hurt. I was able to convince him to give it another try. Really need him to stick it out, down to 13 players (playing 9-man ball). Hope we can pick up a few bodies once school starts.

That might be the most legitimate reason I’ve ever heard for quitting a team... if he was being honest.
Safety / Equipment / Re: Pinnies ~ Worth it?
« Last post by tiger46 on Today at 04:11:42 PM »
I'm in the same boat with Spidermac.  We were given a large supply of practice jerseys this season. Sizes vary from youth to adult. Colors are white, maroon and silver. After handing out practice jerseys to everyone we still have quite a lot left over.  So, we'll probably take some scissors to the silver jerseys and turn them into pinnies.
General Offense Discussion / Re: Double Wing vs. 4-4 Split
« Last post by CoachDP on Today at 04:10:22 PM »
We have quite a few teams in our league this year who have converted over to a 4-4 Split defense. We currently run a double wing offense and are looking for any advise on the weak points of this defense?

My default defense is the Split 4-4.  That being said, you should be able to Wedge and Trap it to death.

General Discussion / Re: Watching Video
« Last post by PSLCOACHROB on Today at 04:08:44 PM »
Youth ball - find the mprs if they have those rules. Find when they sub and how. If a team mass subs mprs then get your best 11 on the field and explote that. If they sub one kid, explote that one kid.
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