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Your Game Results / Re: Good Luck two everyone !
« Last post by COACH JC on Yesterday at 11:11:58 PM »

This play kind of sums up our team. We’re pretty small, but we’re fast & a little crazy. This is what most plays look like when our starting D is in.
Your Game Results / Re: Good Luck two everyone !
« Last post by COACH JC on Yesterday at 10:57:40 PM »
Wrapped up an undefeated reg season. In terms of reg seasons, I can’t imagine one going much better. we had 12 different players score. Lead the conference in points across all age levels. Full starting D went unscored upon. Our passing stats were unreal.

Most importanlty, our subs got WAAAAY better. And the 2 kids that had major attitude issues (amongst other things), had easily their besf season as young men & players.

We have playoffs, then 2 regional games left. Word is the SOCAL teams are going to send up their D1 champs (no Flordia). So we should get at least 1 elite level comp game.

If we win our playoff bracket, we’ll be the first D1 champs in our ORGS history (our other titles were D2 or D3).

Finished up the Regualr Season with a nice 39-12 win vs a rather poor team. We finish up at 4-4 and the 6th seed. We play the team that beat us week 3 46-33. Our D is MUCH improved so I like our chances. They are a side saddle SW team so we will be practicing our special SW Killer D this week. Their D is just flat out awful but they know how to score points....lots of points. Im thinking if we keep them to 4 scores we win.

Fun ending to a season. The kids finally woke up and flipped that switch.

Today the D was lights out....the O...a bit clunky. Some key blockers and our Center were a bit off today. 

Anyhoo...won 4 of the last 5 so peaking at the right time....if 7 years olds even do that. I cant tell.   :P

Man, what a turn around. Good stuff!
DC Wing T Offense / Re: Facing this "D" in Playoffs
« Last post by TigerMOJO on Yesterday at 10:29:54 PM »
Wedge, 23/24 cross. 33/44 quick Trap, 25/26 Power. Would use TE over also.
Staff / Administration / So many choices (Off Season Stuff)
« Last post by Dusty Ol Fart on Yesterday at 10:05:58 PM »
Just a sampling:

Option Football
Homer Rice, (SBV)
Pete Dyer (Wishbone)
Emory Bellard (Wishbone)

Old School
Jerry Campbell (Single Wing)
Jim Unruh and Pete Dyer (Wing-T)
"Red Smith (Power T)
Author Escapes me (I Formation)

New Fangled (LOL)
Jerry Campbell (Pistol)
LeVell Edwards (West Coast)
Mike Lalor / Emeroy Bellard (Flex Bone)

OL Line

And Im a Defensive Minded Coach!  What's my point?  Its like we tell our kids.  Do Your Homework!  I pick these books up often in the Offseason even though I have read them. 

Guys Riddell/Glazer offers Free Clinics (for Youth Coaches) all over the country.  I have met with so many Coaches willing to sit a talk football at these Clinics, it's not funny. I met Joe (MH Coach) at a DumCoach get together.  That doesnt include the Speakers!  Some real valuable information to "Borrow" even if it's not your O or D. I wasnt a Math major yet, as a Header, if you're not constantly solving for WHY (Y), you're not doing yourself justice. 

I was dismayed by those tenured Prof's in College. You know the ones, Blow the dust off the 10 year old syllabus, notes, and hit the podium! 

I feel our seasons have mirrored one another. We will play a team that beat us 31-13. We were completely aweful, but we are a different team right now. Good luck
General Discussion / Re: Hurricane
« Last post by CoachDP on Yesterday at 09:29:01 PM »
Dave -

Thank you for doing such a great thing to support the relief effort. You are a blessing to so many families !

Thanks Josh.  We received a lot of "thank you's" while we were in Wilmington.  The folks we worked with at the drop-off point in Pender County were sincerely thankful.  I let them know it was coaches like yourself who made it all possible.  The league commissioner approached me after our game to introduce herself and thank us.  It was well worth the effort and time it all took, and was an eye-opening experience for our kids.  All in all, I was very proud to represent the DC coaches who all contributed.  We had more than $1,000.  I chronicled our effort on my Facebook page, and documented the experience with videos.

General Discussion / Re: Dont Block... Just Hit
« Last post by woodhawg on Yesterday at 09:23:52 PM »

Just saying..   LOL
Just saying. Thanks.
General Discussion / Re: Dont Block... Just Hit
« Last post by Dusty Ol Fart on Yesterday at 09:12:54 PM »

Just saying..   LOL
General Discussion / Re: Funny Super Shrimpie Smurf Stories
« Last post by mahonz on Yesterday at 08:10:08 PM »
So in today's game we jumped out to an early lead so PAT's become a fun play.....OLM runs the ball...a pass....whatever.

Our Center is having an off day so I tell our OC to have him run the PAT so he can see what a poor snap does for the RB. OC calls a run play for the Center now playing RB. He takes the snap and immediacy rolls out raising his arm to no one....and gets crushed. 

But that isnt the funny part.

Our H Back is walking down the field for KO and yells over to me...

Coach Mahoney....that play sucked. 

Little chit.....and all of the fans and the Refs hears him.

So I yell back...

Yes it did and it wont be the last time either....

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