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General Discussion / Re: Fantasy Football
« Last post by CoachCalande on Today at 10:48:48 AM »
My rookie picks were ripped by the experts....Barkley and Chubb are OK!
General Defense Discussion / Re: Unbalanced with Nasty Split
« Last post by Jags10 on Today at 10:42:52 AM »
I like it, and for this particular team, I think I like #3. Thanks. :)
General Discussion / Re: Cold Calls
« Last post by CoachDP on Today at 09:12:41 AM »
Do you know if he has an OC?

Joe, I have no idea.  But I'm betting he does.  Which is fine.  If he's just interested in having me teach them the DW, then I'm fine with that.  I'll teach the offense to his OC, if that's what he wants.  However, if that's the case, I'd like the JV header position.  I've done both: serving as the OC at CHS when we ran the DW and serving as the header at EWHS when we ran the DW.  I'm far happier and more comfortable with being a HC.  But he's far better off with an OC who knows this offense inside and out. 

General Discussion / Re: Cold Calls
« Last post by CoachDP on Today at 09:07:30 AM »
That is a unique way to approach a job search

Agreed.  I just don't think there are too many schools (if any) that are within driving distance that are going to call me out of the blue and say, "Dave, will you come here and run the Double Wing?" (Although that's exactly what happened at CHS and EWHS.)  Anyhoos, my former youth org called me yesterday to meet and asked if I'd helm their PeeWee team for next year.  While I told them it was a possibility, I was really looking for a school job.  As a high school coach, the infrastructure is already built, there's a chain of command and coaches deal with very little paperwork.  It's all handled by the Principal, Athletic Director, Trainer and teachers.  In youth ball, YOU are the infrastructure handling just about everything.  And in Pop Warner, the paperwork is through the roof.  Another thing that drove me nuts this past season was the league commissioner kept changing the game-schedule from week to week, so time and location kept being a last-minute decision.  I'm over the weigh-ins and nutty behavior of parents and so-called coaches in youth ball.  From simply a coaching aspect, I'm fine with youth ball; it's what goes along with it that I can do without.  In high school, I can still implement a CAL Program and coach ball, but with fewer outside headaches and irritation.

General Discussion / Re: Cold Calls
« Last post by MHcoach on Today at 09:02:13 AM »

In the real world if you stay static you die. Things change very fast.

In NC the caliber of HS football is very good. In order to compete at high levels sometimes the best approach is out of the box.

Do you know if he has an OC?

General Discussion / Re: Cold Calls
« Last post by CoachDP on Today at 08:55:15 AM »
Thanks Joe.  The header that replied to me said that he is a defensive-oriented coach.  He's in one of the most competitive conferences in the state as 4 of the 6 teams in that conference finished with a winning record and the state champions are also in the conference.  With that kind of competition, if you don't change something, you're going to be out of a job.

DC Wing T Offense / Re: Repeat Super Bowl Champions
« Last post by chiefs58 on Today at 08:03:54 AM »
It worked well.  We ran it on the first play picked up 12 yards on a 24.  Unfortunately... my QB turned out to be very fair weather. and could not throw or grip the ball, or take the right steps... so I could not keep the defense too honest in their adjusting to it.  We did do a TEO 23 out of it, which worked well.  But everytime we ran a 23 or 24 well out of it, they just kept getting tighter., and their DE stopped coming up field.  A 23 keep away from the trips (so out of Trips to the right) would have great, if my QB was not having such a bad day. 

We started running some tosses to the trips side (27 and 28) and that was working well when my QB could make the pitch.  I definitely plan on using it next year and adding it earlier hopefully. 

I think the 42 trap out of it will be a really nice play. 
We ran a 67 out of it once for a decent gain.  You can also run a reverse to the wing off of that, and get some lead blockers for it. 

I would have liked to hit a bubble screen out of it, as it was there, but I did not have confidence in my QB. 

I think being able to spread out their defense and keep the 23 and 24 in play, with some compliments for it is pretty nice.

Agreed.  I definitely like spreading them out especially after being in normal DCWT for a while, and using some Beast.  It makes us almost impossible to scout other than knowing our studs.  With all of the motion and formations, they will know the studs, but do not know who's getting the ball. 

I think the best team we played had maybe 5-6 formations, and we had well over 20.
General Discussion / Re: Cold Calls
« Last post by MHcoach on Today at 07:44:52 AM »

Good luck. That is a unique way to approach a job search & may just work.

DC Wing T Offense / Re: DC Wing T Powerpoint
« Last post by bayoubengal on Yesterday at 09:57:53 PM »
Itís a normal dvd like if you burned a copy
General Discussion / Re: Cold Calls
« Last post by CoachDP on Yesterday at 09:54:02 PM »
4 Spread opponents, 1 Wing-T opponent.

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