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General Discussion / Well at least i dont have to get that excuse again
« Last post by Big Mac on Today at 02:52:09 PM »
Two parents have already let me know their kids wont be there tonight due to being out of town for the eclipse.
General Defense Discussion / Re: Blocking 6-5 defense
« Last post by ZACH on Today at 02:38:14 PM »
6-5 vs any offense means theyll have at least 1 man advantage unless you run super power or the usc oj simpson sweep.

6-5 goalline from a wing t ide look at
- are my guards covered or no or is b gap open
- is the c gap open
- how many guys are outside my te

B gap open = belly
A gap open= trap/on
C gap open = power, g, buck sweep
D gap open= rocket, jet

How do you block it... belly - easiest way for me to explain it is "area lb"... look inside to outside at the first one there..go to near lb. That will get you playside and backside covered mostly.


Belly weak is a no no bc they have more defenders than you do blockers.

Strong side you have more options... trap, g, buck sweep

You can and will need to out formation them

Motion...formation...and series based calls will help u succeed against this goalline
33 Stack Attack Defense / Re: advice for odd problem
« Last post by CoachJJ on Today at 02:12:53 PM »
Most 8 man teams running our 33 Stack Attack are deleting NT, MLB and Reaper .... everyone else plays as usual ... all gaps filled and sound edge defense and pass defense ...
General Defense Discussion / Re: Blocking 6-5 defense
« Last post by Prodigy on Today at 02:11:26 PM »
If you see that defensively, they are ripe for a sweep.  Run rules blocking on the line, GOD / GOB / TKO and pin them in.
Pro Style Football / Re: ECO for Youth
« Last post by CoachMattC on Today at 01:53:45 PM »
Got it so just like RB counter blocking.

Yup. Counter is counter regardless of formation. Really like Q counter from Empty as well.

How far do you put Z outside of H ?

He's pretty close. Maybe 18-24" split.
General Defense Discussion / Blocking 6-5 defense
« Last post by BTwp2384 on Today at 01:52:46 PM »
I'm an assistant coach for a 70 lb football team (ages 5-7). My question is how to best block a 6-5 defense?  They are not allowed to cover the center. We plan on running the Wing T and I formation offense.  TIA
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Coach Cianflone Systems / Re: Starting Script
« Last post by MHcoach on Today at 12:10:12 PM »
Given that we will have a script to start the game, what would the best two or three plays be for determining the defense?
If you have no idea what the defense will be, then run what you do best. Most Times at the Youth level you don't need to motion to figure out the coverage.

In other words, what is the best way to see if the def is running Zone or Man or Man-Press?Press man will always be self evident. If they are pressing #1 & there is no bail, most likely they are press man.  Off Man or Zone you can normally see by how & where they play off of #2.

Right now, I am thinking to run motion on first play obviously... to see if they are man or zone...
If they are man, on play two, run a pass route or a dummy pass route to see if they are man-press...IMHO you are over thinking it.

Play three, run one of our homerun plays out of whatever formation is best based on what I have seen from first two plays... etc...Here again, it has to be more about your team than theirs. When I script I want us to be very comfortable what we are doing.

Being new to this offense, what would maybe be the best first play?Typically early on I like to start with Zone or Power. As the season progresses I may start with a fast screen or Naked. Sometimes Jet is also a safe way to start & you can see the motion.


Early on I don't like to start with anything other than simple. Until I see the players under fire, I won't motion or do anything where I could lose yards. As my team develops self confidence, then I can start more complex. Early in the season I like to develop not only confidence in my team but my QB as well. I want to script him an easy throw with a high chance of it being complete.

Your Game Results / 1st scrimmage in the books
« Last post by COACH JC on Today at 11:58:05 AM »
Well, we had a lot of encouraging things & def a lot to work on. We scrimmaged 4 teams. 3 of which combined to go 22-2 last year in the reg season.

The good: We probably have the most physically dominant RB in the region. I mean this kid was just absolutely destroying everything in his path. His running style is gery rare in youth football. He has great moves & feet, but he is incredibly violent as a runner. He's like Marshawn. Think he knocked at least 4 kids out of the scrimmage.
We scored every drive vs every team (whenever we didn't just reset the ball). But we were only playing on a field that was only 25 yards long & 40 wide (which killed our rockets & fly series.

The Bad: Our O-line was meh. We made a lot of mistakes. We were missing a starter & starting 3 1st year players. I have confidence that they will gel & be a good unit soon tho.

Our pass coverage was awful. Defensively we were just okay to sometimes just bad (vs the elite teams we played). We're pretty fast but we're undersized compared to our competition. We we're catching guys more than meeting em at the POA & standing em up.

Overall it was a very encouraging scrimmage. We basically lost a week by having the team below us fold & join our team. Really set us back because we had to go back & re-teach 11 kids what we were doing. So we have some catching up to do. Most of the teams we faced have been together for some time. We're more of a mish-mash unit.

I'm not booking any flights to Florida. I think it's POSSIBLE. But right now if I had to guess we're probably 6th out of 24 teams. I think if we scout well & continue to develop our 1st year players, we could possibly get in that top 2.

Our 1st game is against a team who's PW's & JV's combined to go 15-1 last year. So it's gonna be a rough 1st test. We're probably not ready for em yet. But we'll see if we can get em there & pull off an early upset.

Pro Style Football / Re: ECO for Youth
« Last post by joshv155 on Today at 11:29:58 AM »
Got it so just like RB counter blocking.

How far do you put Z outside of H ?
DC Wing T Offense / Re: Plays for 7U team
« Last post by ZACH on Today at 11:27:45 AM »
We did a lot of formations not plays... we tried to have kids just do one thing

Base or ends over
Maxi 33/30 quick
Maxi 23/24 *power*
Mini 47
Pass right 1 or 3

Hb over
Maxi 34/30 quick
Maxi 24
Mini 47 jet

We never did wedge bc we were better at maxi quick hitters

We didnt pull until mid season where we did left 65 kick, left 32 trap, right 11 trap

That's what remember

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