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FINALLY you don't have to create the mayhem yourself.  You must be pretty fired up.
General Discussion / Re: Need Advice
« Last post by Bob Goodman on Today at 10:49:50 AM »
This story reminds me of a combination of 2007 w the North Bronx Youth Sports Ass'n (Co-Op City Cowboys + No. Bronx Rough Riders) & 2008 w the Gun Hill Rebels.  I saw the problems (Who's in charge?  & worse) in the NBYSA in 2007 but was in no position to complain, because that was my 1st season of coaching.  In 2008 I switched to the Rebels, where the situation turned out to be that I was actually a place holder (unbeknownst to me), and as I described the situation as I went into it, the advice I got from coaches in Delphi's Single Wing, etc. forum from (IIRC) Dave Cisar was exactly as Rob's giving here: run, don't walk, away.  I took a year off & wound up w the Warriors, who were an organiz'n that might not have just then had the aspirations the other clubs had in terms of football development but had been operating continuously since 1952; stability counts for a lot, because you know whatever shaking out was to come has already shaken out -- unless you get unlucky and they're just then falling apart.  I saw the Warriors thru a smooth transition at the top, leaving because I moved away.

I know what you may be thinking: that you can be a tower of strength while everything falls apart in the organiz'n.  That's too much to count on.  They're likelier to leave you in no position to seriously help the kids, while using you as a rag to wipe their shortcomings onto.  You'll do what someone tells you to, only to find out their authority to do so was shaky to begin w, & they wind up leaving & your loyalty is worth nothing.  You'll be blamed simultaneously for taking initiative & not taking initiative.
General Discussion / Re: Need Advice
« Last post by Monster on Today at 10:48:14 AM »
I'll add to Rob's post. I was run out of an Org as a Header by the Commissioner. I had an emergency work trip pop up and he went and changed my whole practice regimen in order to soothe parents that I had already soothed a day earlier. Things went downhill from there and you can read the whole sob story here.

I have no regrets about leaving. Do I wish I had the opportunity to coach those players? Yes. There were some fine young men there. Do I hate the fact that I had to quit and say that to the player's face? Yes I do and it is not a pleasant memory for me. But I am convinced that me walking away, untying those ropes and washing that gasoline off was the absolute best decision.

From my perspective, the people in that Org are, unwillingly maybe, trying to poison your love for coaching. Do not let that happen. There are still players and teams out there to which you can provide a positive impact. Right now, there are none that you can help.
Sports- Fandom and Coaching / Re: The NFL Draft; do you watch?
« Last post by coacharnold on Today at 10:39:52 AM »
Watching it when JJ was running the Dolphins was maddening. "The Miami Dolphins have traded the 42nd pick for picks 72, 94, 131." And so on...

Of course, watching Jeff Ireland trade up to #3 to take Dion Jordan was a lot worse.

It worked for JJ with the Cowboys, at least.  He described it as a "big net" philosophy: "If you want to catch a big fish, it helps to have a bigger net" so he wanted to just bring in as many good prospects as possible and he got a few (Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, etc.).

Unfortunately he didn't have a Hershell Walker to trade when he got there or a #1 overall pick to use on a Troy Aikman calibre QB, or an Emmitt Smith who everyone said was too small, slow, and one dimensional to ever be much of an NFL back because Steve Spurrier didn't like him (and he was familiar with what those guys could do from just being the coach at the U).  Plus he'd always blow his first round picks when he kept them, anyway.

I used to watch the draft with a lot of interest back when I was a big NFL fanboy.  The league just bores me now and the draft is even worse, especially with the whole "mock draft" industry that's grown up around it where people who don't know jack about football or most of the prospects get paid to spew BS.  It's nice when a local boy gets drafted, but I just don't have the patience to watch it on TV.
Sounds like you’ll need a head coach in a few weeks lol
I am aging out and just helping as a consultant on D with our soon to be 8th grade team since my kids are off to high school.  The HC is a nut full of passion who has been practicing for over 5 weeks now one day per week to get a jump on everyone as our league has a causal start date of August 1st and even if caught, it is just "don't do it again"  And this coach will practice 6 days a week in-season.

Our program joined a new league with strict bylaws in which this HC will break each one of them.  When I advised him of the new rules he said &#&^# them.

No practice or gathering of players before August 1st.  if caught, HC is suspended for one year and must go before the new board to be allowed to coach the following season.  If caught a 2nd time, acting HC is gone 2 years, program fined $300.00.  I get it, we all start the same time so no one gets a jump, I am OK with that.

Once season starts, only 4 practices allowed per week, one of which has to be helmets only.  Only 90 minutes of contact per week is allowed.  No doubt he will still practice 6 days per week.

No video taping for scouting reasons, you can attend as many games as you which, but you can only scout with pen and paper.  HC has a video camera he spent a good 5 grand on to film our opponents, lol.  No way is he not using it.

So it will be an interesting season to say the least

Parents / Players / Re: Yesterday I became that parent
« Last post by Wing-n-It on Today at 09:55:08 AM »
  I might have to ask if I can become a coach... which I don't want to do because I cannot be there full time
Sounds like it would be more coaching then they get now.
Anything is better than nothing
A person once told me if you put nothing into something you get nothing
Parents / Players / Re: Yesterday I became that parent
« Last post by SingleWingGoombah on Today at 09:28:31 AM »

Isn't there still snow on the ground in Wisconsin?


Just the plow piles are left now.
General Discussion / Re: Need Advice
« Last post by PSLCOACHROB on Today at 09:03:54 AM »
A little background on me so my answer makes a little sense. I coached for almost a decade with an incredible staff. We won 95% of our games because we knew how to practice and run a team. One thing outsiders did not see was the respect we all had for each other. Imo, that is one of the most important aspects of success in coaching. So after coaching with that group we sort of all went our seperate ways. It was an amazing run. I coached two more seasons on other teams. I will never coach again after those two seasons.

So what went wrong those last two seasons? Basically the same crap you describe in varying degrees. Poor practicing, poor player placement, lack of respect, game day changes, poor management, lack of control over parents.... it was a nightmare for me. I could not teach because I was not allowed. The experience of coaching on two, almost 4, national championship teams held little to no value. They all wanted some magic secret bullet that we had but no one really wanted to see the truth as to why we won.

You don't need to walk away from this, you need to run. You can't help because you have been handcuffed, gagged and are about to have your ear cut off and have gas poured on you. You know comes next. This crap will ruin your love of coaching football. It will make you resent those around you. Just my opinion. I came to a decision that I will not voluntarliy be involved in something that makes me miserable. Why in the world anyone would do that os beyond me. Find another org. If you finish the season it would be commendable in your mind but not in any of those in your org. So stay or leave, do whatever your conscious tells you but do not return next season. Unless, of course, you are a masochist and can't wait for them to light that match.

Sports- Fandom and Coaching / Re: The NFL Draft; do you watch?
« Last post by Dimson on Today at 08:11:52 AM »
Merry Draftmas everybody! Best time of the year.
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