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In addition to the Wacker book, let me recommend Steve Axman's book: Attacking Modern Defense with the Multiple-Formation Veer Offense. lists used copies fora little over $20.00.

And for free: google Twin Veer Offense. You'll find a 1979 Arkansas playbook listed that is a free downloadable pdf. format copy of Lou Holtz's Veer manual, the best technical manual available.

We started emphasizing the OSV as the base play around 1983, as we were more limited at QB, and the ISV wasn't getting us the results we needed. OSV was an easier install, and almost always at least got us back to the LOS. We seldom pitched on this, but since we also ran ISV and Counter Option, teams had to assign a defender to the pitch. For all intents and purposes, it was a double option Give or Keep. Lowered the risk on the play. If we wanted to pitch the ball, we'd call a Speed Option.
the wacker book was the first real football book I was really ever exposed to. Now, I was 11, 12, years old, so who knows.
Staff / Administration / Re: My New Normal
« Last post by shawnm on Yesterday at 11:36:31 PM »
Agree man,  Mahonz must be a heck of a leader of men and boys.  Every year I take teams in our area that didn't have a daddy baller sign up to coach.  I end up with two or three helper dads that all think their kid should be the next Peyton Manning. I do a preseason clinic that goes in one ear and out the other.  I usually end up starting with line then running between backs and line on both offense and defense.  Most all these helpers want to stand around and BS rather than coach.  Maybe I give up on them too fast or don't get to know them personally.   Probably just need to find someone  else that likes this hobby every fall like I do.
Staff / Administration / Re: My New Normal
« Last post by tiger46 on Yesterday at 10:34:26 PM »

I'm not really sure if I still like you anymore.  I want to continue to like you.  But, my jealousy of you continues to fight me on this.  :P  Basically, you have the ideal setup that I've been striving for over the last few seasons.  Maybe, I don't won't to give up as much control as you have.  But, I'm somewhere close to wanting that much freedom.  My problem is that I'm currently the OL coach, the ST coach, the tackle coach, The DC and all the defense positions coach, too.  Too many hats to wear, imo.  Basically, I'd only have me to hire and fire. 
I did manage to get rid of the HC mantle entirely for this upcoming season.

General Offense Discussion / Re: A 5/6 year old playbbok
« Last post by Bob Goodman on Yesterday at 09:48:10 PM »
Definitely planning on running beast but you guys have really turned my ear to jet.  I can understand the exchange and timing being the tricky part, but I could knock that out real quick if my son's the QB which would leave me plenty of time to get that down right.

Hows this look for a jet formation?
I was thinking unbalanced due to the simple fact if I can get the timing down I need all the power I can get at the right side.  I could move him weak side and jet that way also. 

           XCXX X
X                          X
The ball exchanges are easier and more deceptive if you have the QB under center and facing the direction the jet back comes from.
Team Building / Lawn sign works!
« Last post by Bob Goodman on Yesterday at 09:20:30 PM »
Yesterday I was at the Motor Vehicle Commission on Sparta Ave. in Newton NJ getting my license plates.  I had several hours afterward to kill before my bus ride home, so started waling toward the center of town, and quickly came to a house with a lawn sign advertising Newton Braves Football, 5-14 YO, .  Lucky me, one of the 1st things I wanted to do after getting a car was to hook up for coaching again.  So lawn signs work -- on me, at least.

Their Web site looks like they used a template and haven't filled in a lot of the pages.  I haven't gotten a reply to my e-mail query about coaching yet, but it's only a day.
Option Style Football / Re: What do you like better and why Veer or Wishbone?
« Last post by JrTitan on Yesterday at 08:48:55 PM »
His approach of outside veer as the base play instead of inside veer is something we are actually looking at doing (was before I got the book, already what the header wanted to do). We see almost all 5-3 defenses with 0, two 4s, and two 9s which makes ISV kind of tough but is prime for OSV. I'm going to talk to HC about going to ISV (dive at least) if teams move to a 5 to take the dive.

OSV was our base play.  We only ran ISV to the open side.  ISV to hard to run to TE side at this age. 
Staff / Administration / Re: My New Normal
« Last post by mahonz on Yesterday at 07:35:07 PM »

So last Fall I started out as the Header and turned it over to a long time AC after week two. It was seamless within the team but really helped me while out on the Circuit.

During our two pre season jamborees and the first two game I had both acquaintances and strangers  approaching me from everywhere about my Son. While appreciated, I needed to disappear. As the Header in our League your name is plastered everywhere so everyone knew where I'd be on game days. So by stepping down and becoming the Assistant Dummy Holder....nobody knew where I was unless they saw me at a facility.

This past off season my new Header took care of all the meetings and equipment which was a ton of work since my Org changed uniforms this off season. I did nothing and it was appreciated.

This past Spring Season was  even better.  As the DC I challenged both my LB'rs coach whom I have coached with before and my DB's coach who I only knew from my Camps to take turns running the D on game days. Once I got the D laid out for them, if there was an issue I would fix nothing. They had to troubleshoot themselves. This got them to do a lot of film study and thinking on their off days.   Both progressed very well over the season because they had full control of their Groups. The only thing I helped with was helping them figure out how all the pieces fit together....and we ran a very difficult Defense from a coaching standpoint.

I ended up working with my DL coach more than anything who had a tough year and was part time. He is on our Fall Staff too. Wow...did he piss me off more than once. He will be replaced in the Fall so that was a failure but he really did try.  H just cant keep up.

So my progression continues...over the last few Fall and Spring seasons I have been surrounded by 9-10 unique coaches and all of them have taken complete ownership in their positions. Now I can step away and move on and all of these guys will be just fine. My goal this Fall is to be the get back coach and just watch all my Minions crush it.  :)

This past Spring I had absolutely NOTHING to do with the Offense and they were flippin' awesome. It made me very happy and proud of the coaches. I hope to do this with the D this Fall.

So...all you Headers out there....take the handcuffs off your Staff and watch what happens. Probably the only reason you dont trust them is your own ego says so. Give it a whirl. Giving full ownership to an individual will result in a huge boost from that person. Now...they will put in the work necessary. Its human nature.

When it comes to football...I really miss coaching with my son. We could read each others minds. We got chit done. Basically I soon realized that if didn't  let others rise.... I would have to do it all alone. Thank god I didn't go that route. I am now surrounded by the best group of coaches ever only because I INSISTED....they do their thing.

My experience has been....too many of us think we have to have full control over everything. That isnt healthy so delegate and have a little fun along the way .  8)

General Discussion / Re: Need opinions... classroom setting
« Last post by mahonz on Yesterday at 06:46:42 PM »
Never done this, so I am not sure if it will be effective.
As yall might have heard, due to the tropical storm, here in Georgia we are expecting rain for the next 5 or 6 days. Since we won't have any field time, I thought of having a "classroom" session with the kids on my 10 year old team. Show them some video of the team I coached with last year and try to introduce them more to the DCWT and the DC46? Is this a waste of time?

Is this for Fall ball? If so cancel everything and let them enjoy the weather !
Double Wing Football / Re: HELP - DW motion
« Last post by CoachUCS on Yesterday at 06:14:38 PM »
Ah, gotcha.  Yeah, I thought it was early film I was watching, and that certainly wasn't the only problem with that FB.

And, well, yeah - but combine physicality and offset!  Joking.   :)

You seriously just gave away the secrets to Coach Potters multiple championships...
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