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Staff / Administration / Re: Assistant interview questions.
« Last post by CoachDP on Yesterday at 11:34:50 PM »
I’d rather go at it with only two coaches than take one that would end up being liability.


I'd first assess what kind of role he sees for himself.  Does he just want to "be there," hold bags and offer "attaboys," or does he want to learn schemes and teach fundamentals?  Nothing wrong with either, as long as he's in full support of assisting the program.  But you need to know both sets of expectations (his and yours).

Alrighty then-

Many seasons in the making and I think Im done. The 46 Facemelter Version is complete. 

A little history. About 20 years ago I stumbled across this guy called Dumcoach on the Internet. I qualified for his DC46 defense that back then required a secret handshake to get. At the same time I stumbled across Coach Calande and his GAMbler 46 Defense that I quickly purchased. So I was in 46 heaven.

Awesome Defense. Best run stopping Defense available. Not so much when it come to Defending the pass though. So when our Team got to be 6th graders or so and there was that one or two teams in our Division that could chuck the football around really well…we went to the 353 but created our own version that had 46 fingerprints all over it.

Worked great…went thru this cycle of running the Smurf Version of the 46 at the younger levels and the full blown 353 at the older levels for about 12 years.

Then the Killer Bee came along so we decided to give it a try. Nice Defense. Uses Zone coverage so I learned a ton. We won some games and a Big Shiny Trophy but it never really spoke to me. For me it was just another ass crappy 60 front but on steroids.But Clark once again had opened my eyes to even more possibilities when it came to coaching Defense.

During this time I got to know Zach who is another Defensive Guru. He was always so generous with his time when it came to teaching each position regardless of what system used.
Anyhoo...I went back to the 46/ 353 but this time I was determined to blend the 46 / 353 and the things I learned from the Killer Bee into one ever flexing full mirroring Defense that once installed could almost run itself.

I took everything I learned from Clark and Steve and Zach, threw it in a blender and got to work.

Took 3 seasons of experimenting to make all the mistakes and figure things out cleanly. Two Spring Season and one Fall Season. In that time with two different teams we won 3 Championships and only lost 2 games along the way stringing together a nice 18 game win streak. BTW…the two games we lost were to two separate teams….one in the Spring and one in the Fall that ran 100% Beast. So if you think that Neanderthal Offense is stupid….well…your stupid. :P
So for the last month or so I have been squirreling all of my notes and half ass playbooks together hoping that I could come up with a single playbook the masses could understand. I really wanted to give back to all those who have helped me.

Enjoy….and its free as always. Fire away if you have any questions. This Version includes everything we have played around with that worked for the last 5 or 6 years actually ( 10-12 actual seasons Spring and Fall combined )…. and can be installed at the Base level with the little dudes or the full-blown version with the older kids if you have the Staff to help. I have not yet determined where that line is drawn so maybe you all can comment on the complexities. Once you understand and see the blueprint….its all straight forward but probably a bit heady for the  rookie Coaches.


PS...I have gobs of film of this D in action that I will start posting soon.
Staff / Administration / Re: Assistant interview questions.
« Last post by gumby_in_co on Yesterday at 11:15:50 PM »
* How much time each week do you think you spend studying/reading to improve your knowledge?
* How will that change if you are hired?
* Describe your process for breaking down film?
* What makes you better than what you would consider an "average" coach?
* Would you still want the position if you were not able to coach your son's position?
* What is your approach to coaching the top athletes on the team?
* What is your approach to coaching the bottom athletes on the team?
* What is your philosophy on playing time?
Staff / Administration / Re: Assistant interview questions.
« Last post by MHcoach on Yesterday at 10:00:08 PM »
Have you coached before?

Can you make all the practices?

Are you willing to coach our scheme's?

Are you willing to not coach your son?

What is your football background?

What are you able to bring to our team?

These are just a few, the real key is whether he is willing to follow what you do. Next, it's about being reliable. A coach that doesn't show up or chronically misses is not helpful. I am always leery of Dad coaches, but under the right circumstances it can be great. Good luck.

Staff / Administration / Assistant interview questions.
« Last post by Beansko82 on Yesterday at 08:56:04 PM »
Was notified by the AD today that a dad had volunteered to help coach this season.

Called the gentleman on the phone and set up a meeting for Tuesday.  I plan to sit down with him face to face and get a feel for how he is before I make the decision to go ahead and accept him on the staff.  I’d rather go at it with only two coaches than take one that would end up being liability. 

I wanted to know what sort of questions do you ask when interviewing a potential new coach? 
Coach Cianflone Systems / Re: Acheiving & Maintaining Excellence
« Last post by MHcoach on Yesterday at 07:20:10 PM »
Those that know me, know I always feel our team stinks early in the preseason. That's because I am always expecting them to practice like last years team did the week of the Championship. Repeating excellence is about building your team to that level. I am never satisfied until the season is done. It becomes we need to get better every week, every practice, every drill, & every rep.

One of my AC's commented that I start coach as my car pulls into the parking lot. Point is always be coaching. Find time to make every player better. It maybe something as small as a player's stance, or step, or as big as their effort. Coach them all, no detail left undone. Yet, don't over coach them. Understand it's a building thing. When I coach QB's I correct one fault at a time rather than all of them. Every coach needs to be coaching.

Coach Cianflone Systems / Re: Acheiving & Maintaining Excellence
« Last post by MHcoach on Yesterday at 07:00:48 PM »
Next, know your scheme's. This goes hand in hand with coach what you know. This doesn't mean never run anything new, rather learn what you will coach. Know what happens against every front or every formation. Know how to teach it. I have changed offenses many times over the years, same for defenses. Every time we did something new I went to the best source to learn it.

The part that I believe a lot of Youth Coaches overlook, is the how to teach it part. I want to know how to teach what I do better every year. Just knowing the scheme's isn't enough. What is the foot work every player needs? What techniques do they need? How can I drill those techniques? How does this fit with everything else we do?

When I was a young coach I filled notebook after notebook drawing everything until I understood it completely. I ask questions, made phone calls, & did everything I could to be sure I knew what we would do. This is where having a mentor is important. More the merrier, I had several great mentors when I started. They often kept me in check, & I listened for the most part.

Coach Cianflone Systems / Re: Acheiving & Maintaining Excellence
« Last post by MHcoach on Yesterday at 05:53:09 PM »
Game day is what it's all about. While I am a nut or a football geek as Mahonz calls me, & love practice; I remember being a player & what game day meant. Your team is a reflection of you, if come in tight & envious so will your team. If you are over the top, they will play out of control. If you come in under inspired so will they.

Be confident, but respectful.

Be loose, but focused.

The last the I always remind my players is this is a game, go have fun. You as a coach need to remember this too. Nowadays I am in the booth, the instant our QB comes off the field he is on the phones with me. I can remember being in the middle of a see saw game with our arch rivals, big crowd, on TV & I tell him, "Wow isn't this great, let's enjoy this". He threw the winning TD with 5 seconds left.

Don't make rash decisions, but don't be afraid to make player changes. A back fumbles(cardinal sin in my book) pull him & talk to him. Don't yell & scream he knows he made a mistake. Instead tell him he's a better player than that, & remind him High & Tight. Then get him back on the horse.

When the game is on the line think players more than plays. You have to know who you can depend on with the game on the line. Don't try to pull a rabbit out of a hat you don't have.

Always do in the game what you have practiced. Bad teams put plays in at 1/2 time, good teams adjust plays.

1/2 time is about making adjustments & keeping your team focused. At the Youth level we always gave the team the first 5 minutes for water & whatever. During those 5 minutes the coaches determined what is needed to be corrected. Usually if we are up(most times we were) I would be aggressive in maintaining focus. If we were down(rarely) it was a completely different approach. I would be very calm & usually start with something like, " We got them right where we want them". Reassure them & make the corrections needed.

Coach Cianflone Systems / Re: Acheiving & Maintaining Excellence
« Last post by MHcoach on Yesterday at 03:48:24 PM »
Something really important is getting your plays at practice. This is something I hear all the time. The first thing is my best Youth teams only practiced twice a week. People who saw my teams never believed we only practiced twice a week. Our practices were fast, & efficient. There was never any standing around. Coaches were expected to coach, every rep was coached without slowing down the next rep.

We have one rule, miss a practice miss a half. This is the rule in season & there are no exceptions or excuses. "My grandpa died", wow I am really sorry. You can play the second half on Saturday. In preseason 2 unexcused practices & you are off the team. An excused practice has to be something legitimate. I didn't have a ride isn't valid. Players always have coaches & other players #'s so this doesn't work.

Next, practice must be planned & players need to learn to practice fast. I only use drills that are football centric. They need to learn how to hustle from drill to drill. Don't waste time on foolish things. Ever see a team that does an elaborate warm up, we will always beat those guys by 50.

Our practices were always 1 hour & 55 minutes by design. Players are expected to arrive 15 minutes before practice starts. Practice always starts on time & ends on time. This is something you have to firm about.

Coach Cianflone Systems / Re: Acheiving & Maintaining Excellence
« Last post by chucknduck on Yesterday at 02:57:51 PM »
Awesome, thanks for always trying to help us.
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