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Single Wing Football / Blocking Drills for the 3-back
« Last post by CoachAJ-SC on Today at 05:09:39 PM »
Greetings, Gentlemen. For years we’ve struggled with getting our 3-back to effectively execute the kick-out block on the DE. Many times the DE will cut inside him, and other times he’ll just totally whiff the block. We’ve always placed aggressive, athletic kids in that spot, but we still struggle. Do you guys have any other suggestions in addition to the diamond blocking drill? Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.
General Discussion / Re: Heads up tackling
« Last post by PSLCOACHROB on Today at 04:55:54 PM »
I also like how he predicts plays and more often than not he is right. That is insight you don't get from any other guy.
It's like a super power.
Again, I don't think my little schpeel is reasonable, just fun.
Stop that, no reasonable thinking allowed!

Here's something to chew on - if BB dumped Brady for JG this off-season (which Brady apparently has told friends he was afraid would happen), what do you think the reception for JG would be if they lost 3 in a row while Brady was lighting it up in AZ or somewhere like that?  OMG, he'd need full time security, LOL.
There are no conspiracies here unless you believe Brady is taking illegal supplements.

Real simple....Brady isnt failing from age so now the Pats were stuck....extend JG....didn't now in 2018 the Pats would be paying about $45m to JG and TB per TB's contract and JG's FA Tag with JG making more than TB.

That amount of money for one position would cripple the team.

BB was forced to trade him for something or let him walk in March for nothing. If Kraft was involved he probably suggested BB try and get something for him before it was too late.
I think if BB REALLY wanted to trade JG then he would of traded him for more value. he could of gotten a first rounder easy. Like I said, lots of teams need qbs right now.

Don't get me wrong - BB did not want to trade JG, he basically said that publicly after the trade. There's also a lot of circumstantial evidence pointing to them looking to keep him - the Pats wouldn't even take calls on JG last offseason; I don't think they would have moved Brissett if a JG trade was likely; and it's pretty much public knowledge they tried to extend him this year. So it is VERY clear that BB did not WANT to trade JG, he felt he had to.

The issue is why he felt that way, and whether it was because of anything Kraft (or Brady) did.

Did Kraft force the trade directly, as in instruct BB to trade JG?  Everyone says that didn't happen, and I happen to believe them.  That is just such a stretch to believe based on how the Pats have operated.  If that's what happened, I would expect BB to be with the NYG within days of their season being over.  NO WAY he stays if this is what happened.

Did Kraft force the trade indirectly by making clear he wouldn't approve BB trading Brady this offseason?  That assumes BB wanted to trade Brady, but that's possible.  Would BB leave over that? Maybe, maybe not.  Depends on how that went down.

Did Kraft force the trade indirectly by making it clear he would not approve the franchise tag for JG to hold a clipboard?  Possible.  Again, not sure if that causes BB to walk.

Or did BB simply come to the realization that JG was gone after this year because he wouldn't sign the extension, and BB knew the franchise tag would put them in too much of a bind under the cap?  And the timing was about the cap, and maybe a little bit about avoiding distraction?  He would be pissed about that as well, but it wouldn't be anything directed at Kraft or Brady.  This would assume that BB wasn't going to move on from Brady until Brady was ready to go.  That's where it gets interesting, as BB's MO is to move on from guys a year or two too soon vs. too late.  There's been a lot of talk about whether that would hold true with the best player in franchise history if not best QB of all time period, and with JG on the roster and BB actively trying to keep him, that talk was certainly heating up.

As for "only" getting a 2nd round pick - again, I fully believe he wanted him out of the AFC, which narrowed the field at the trade deadline to pretty much SF and AZ.  He respects the Shanahans, so that was a point in favor of SF.  And he used a 2nd round pick to get JG, so he's simply recouping what he used to get him.  Granted, he's not maximizing the return, but not sure BB cares about that per se. I think he wanted him gone quickly, and the SF deal was "good enough".  And frankly, I think he wanted to move him to a team that was as far away from being in a position to challenge the Pats over the next 2-3 years as possible. 
Mid way thru the 1st Q....Pitt down by 14.....4th and less than 1 on the Jags 20. Haley calls a toss vs the fastest D in the League and loosses 4 yards.

I would have fired him on the spot so he didn't have the chance to do nearly the same damn in the 3rd Q !

BTW Big Ben is like 19 for 20 on 4th down QB sneaks all time  but for some bizzaro reason Haley hasn't called it since 2014 and Big Ben is not allowed to call it himself.
To me, it indicative of the problems in Pittsburgh or perceived problems. Not going to expand on comment.
DC Wing T Offense / Re: DC Wing-T 2017 in action
« Last post by mpwcoachsmith on Today at 02:36:05 PM »
Looks real good.  Curious, where did your best runner play most of the time?
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