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Coach Cianflone Systems / Re: Acheiving & Maintaining Excellence
« Last post by MHcoach on Today at 05:53:09 PM »
Game day is what it's all about. While I am a nut or a football geek as Mahonz calls me, & love practice; I remember being a player & what game day meant. Your team is a reflection of you, if come in tight & envious so will your team. If you are over the top, they will play out of control. If you come in under inspired so will they.

Be confident, but respectful.

Be loose, but focused.

The last the I always remind my players is this is a game, go have fun. You as a coach need to remember this too. Nowadays I am in the booth, the instant our QB comes off the field he is on the phones with me. I can remember being in the middle of a see saw game with our arch rivals, big crowd, on TV & I tell him, "Wow isn't this great, let's enjoy this". He threw the winning TD with 5 seconds left.

Don't make rash decisions, but don't be afraid to make player changes. A back fumbles(cardinal sin in my book) pull him & talk to him. Don't yell & scream he knows he made a mistake. Instead tell him he's a better player than that, & remind him High & Tight. Then get him back on the horse.

When the game is on the line think players more than plays. You have to know who you can depend on with the game on the line. Don't try to pull a rabbit out of a hat you don't have.

Always do in the game what you have practiced. Bad teams put plays in at 1/2 time, good teams adjust plays.

1/2 time is about making adjustments & keeping your team focused. At the Youth level we always gave the team the first 5 minutes for water & whatever. During those 5 minutes the coaches determined what is needed to be corrected. Usually if we are up(most times we were) I would be aggressive in maintaining focus. If we were down(rarely) it was a completely different approach. I would be very calm & usually start with something like, " We got them right where we want them". Reassure them & make the corrections needed.

Coach Cianflone Systems / Re: Acheiving & Maintaining Excellence
« Last post by MHcoach on Today at 03:48:24 PM »
Something really important is getting your plays at practice. This is something I hear all the time. The first thing is my best Youth teams only practiced twice a week. People who saw my teams never believed we only practiced twice a week. Our practices were fast, & efficient. There was never any standing around. Coaches were expected to coach, every rep was coached without slowing down the next rep.

We have one rule, miss a practice miss a half. This is the rule in season & there are no exceptions or excuses. "My grandpa died", wow I am really sorry. You can play the second half on Saturday. In preseason 2 unexcused practices & you are off the team. An excused practice has to be something legitimate. I didn't have a ride isn't valid. Players always have coaches & other players #'s so this doesn't work.

Next, practice must be planned & players need to learn to practice fast. I only use drills that are football centric. They need to learn how to hustle from drill to drill. Don't waste time on foolish things. Ever see a team that does an elaborate warm up, we will always beat those guys by 50.

Our practices were always 1 hour & 55 minutes by design. Players are expected to arrive 15 minutes before practice starts. Practice always starts on time & ends on time. This is something you have to firm about.

Coach Cianflone Systems / Re: Acheiving & Maintaining Excellence
« Last post by chucknduck on Today at 02:57:51 PM »
Awesome, thanks for always trying to help us.
Coach Cianflone Systems / Acheiving & Maintaining Excellence
« Last post by MHcoach on Today at 02:53:43 PM »
One of the hardest things to do is to get a team to play at very high level & then maintain that level. I have been very fortunate to have several runs with different teams & different ages. The easy answer is to have great players, this always leads to the Jimmy's & Joe's vs X's & O's argument. The harder answer is to make great players. I know this can be done, if you are consistent in your approach.

The very first thing a coach must understand is, it's all about our team & never the opponent. There will be times you will play teams with much more talent than yours, & times you will play teams with much less. In either case it's never about what they do but what your team does. Will they execute at a high level? Will they play hard? Will they be disciplined? Answer those 3 questions to start, & you have the beginnings of achieving excellence.

Next, you as a coach have to have a plan for everything. It doesn't have to be the best plan or the only plan, but you have to have one.

What if they score on the opening kickoff?

What if we score on the opening kickoff?

What if we are down at the 1/2?

What if we are up at the 1/2?

What will we do on 3rd & long, 3rd & short, near our goal line, near their goal line, at mid field, & any other situation that will arise? This goes for both sides of the ball.

You have always be prepared, & so does your team. Whatever the answer you have, that has to be the one you use. You as the coach can never get flustered or over emotional, you are in control & know it.

I coach quite differently in practice than I do in a game. In practice every detail matters, no mistake is allowed. In a game only the next play matters. When a mistake happens & it will, my focus is on what to do next. This is not the place to get negative, instead be positive & go forward. Never coach from the negative," Don't go offsides" is a clear negative. "Watch the ball" is a positive.

Don't Fumble = Secure the ball
No body behind you = Deeper than the deepest
No missed tackles = Rally to the ball

This applies to everything you coach, do it from the positive.

Next, make them believe they are the best. Not the best players, but the best team. I have often coached bad teams but they never knew it.

Hope this helps.

T Style Football / Re: Why I love the Wing T
« Last post by Coach TonyM on Today at 08:47:56 AM »
Did they run triple on you guys? If so, would like to see how other MS teams are looking if you don't mind :D

I saw them run the triple one time, but I didn't watch it all.  Here ya go:  all their offensive plays
Clinics / Tournaments / Jamborees / Camps / Re: Raleigh-Area Clinic
« Last post by 32wedge on Today at 06:41:15 AM »
I have been to the big clinics and talked to big name coaches at all levels.  I have never met a coach who gets it more than DP.  He teaches football his own way and completely unorthodox, but he makes more sense than anyone I have heard.  You guys might chalk talk around his "simple schemes", but on grass, the fact is his kids are going to whip your kids a$$ and have fun doing it.  If your kids fight back, his will really have fun.  First time I have ever met him and I am ready to tackle the airport shuttle van at the hotel.  Very impressive coach and extremely generous with his time and knowledge.  Thanks Dave.
Clinics / Tournaments / Jamborees / Camps / Re: Raleigh-Area Clinic
« Last post by CoachDP on Yesterday at 11:34:30 PM »
Met with and had lunch with "32wedge" (Nathan) at the Ale House in Crabtree Valley Mall.  Met the wife as well, before she took leave of us.  Nathan bought lunch (thank you, Sir) and we talked football for about 3 1/2 hours.  All in all, a good time.  He's a good guy who is coaching for all the right reasons.

General Discussion / Re: What to do for evals
« Last post by CoachDP on Yesterday at 11:29:59 PM »
I am sorry if calling kids race winners and race losers made the parents upset. I guess I should have just called them all winners.

lol.  Yes!  Now you're getting somewhere!   ;)

Pistol Style Football / Pistol Option Offense
« Last post by Steve Gunther on Yesterday at 07:58:19 PM »
"How to Coach the Multiple Formation Pistol Option Offense" book can be found at

This book is a combination of Emory Bellard zone option blocking schemes and his son Bob Bellard use of Multiple Formations.  Unique approach to the Pistol Formation!
General Discussion / Re: What to do for evals
« Last post by Dimson on Yesterday at 07:46:14 PM »
I am sorry if calling kids race winners and race losers made the parents upset. I guess I should have just called them all winners.
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