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General Discussion / Re: Long story (frustration and vent)
« Last post by flexbone on Today at 01:50:11 AM »
Have you considered looking at kids that blossomed in your program? That reponded to your structure by developing discipline etc? Its a common thing in social jobs that we can be drawn into the negatives, focussing on things that go wrong and that is exhausting and wears on you.

This is of course not a solution to things going wrong, and it does not lessen your workload or anything, but it can help your psyche.

I've come to realized this as well. Personally, I focus on negatives to improve and it has served me well most of my life. Obviously, in situations like this, doesn't work and I have to retrain my brain otherwise I'm going to crazy. My lens of focus were too narrow, on kids who we wanted to be leaders. I step back and although they may not be the most athletically gifted, we have some great kids in the program. I may have been too spoiled the last 2 years, we had buy-in from our best guys and leaders, making it much easier to coach. We have kids coming back from HS to see us every Thursday/Friday after their walk-thru, that's always fun. The QB's I've coached are starting at all 3 levels in HS, my AC's have dubbed me "the QB whisperer", I get a good chuckle out of that one.

PSLCOACHROB, I'm with you, I've got a lot of reflecting to do after this season and may walk away to see how much I really miss it/need it in my life.

Thanks bdjackson. I feel better already  ;D
DC 46 Defense / Re: Help defending this
« Last post by jgg1970 on Yesterday at 11:51:28 PM »

No need to change horses....just improve the one you are riding.

Like Josh suggests....the Dc46 struggles withe spread formations for one reason and one reason only....MIKE is left all by his lonesome flapping in the wind. two MIKE's. Just doing that alone and changing nothing else puts the odds back in your favor.

Think about the Fred position. He might have to travel 20 yards to make a play vs the Spread for a pass and 15 yards to defend the run. There are not too many kids out there that can do this. So dont.

If you have the practice time put in a simple catch man zone coverage and you are good to go.

catch man zone?
DC 46 Defense / Re: Help defending this
« Last post by jgg1970 on Yesterday at 11:50:03 PM »
Thanks for the help earlier btw. Forgive my major ignorance in advance, I have been focused on O this year.

The 46 struggles with spread when your Mike is tasked with covering a running QB. If the QB is more athletic than your Mike and can pick his holes, whether on a pass where he scrambles or a QB draw etc, it could be a really long day]

That would be my son. Surest tackler on the team and 4th fastest out of 19 players, basically the B team in this years draft.

Ran the 46 for years and the teams that gave us the most trouble were spread with a running QB. Here is what we would do right now as we are running Mahonz' hybrid 46/KB and I think it can help you a great deal vs that spread, or even if they are tight wings running off tackle. Their lines of force show off tackle plays when those wings are attached, or inside your DE. Sweeps, jet sweeps etc when detached.

                                   S                   M
                                         W       F

                                 C     E T N T  E        C
                               X         TGCGT            Z
                                     H               Y

Fascinating alignment.

Corners bump and maul. Work on push pull drill and run vs. pass reads. Bump/Maul then on a run read push pull and get up field inside of the #1, turn inside trying to turn the sweep in.
We've struggled with Bump and maul and X&Z are pretty big and athletic. I will have to make a position adjustment and keep working getting them off the receiver.

DE's: Wrong arm the wings. Meaning turn them at a slight angle while on the inside shoulder H/Y. On the snap blow inside of the wing aiming for the nearest deepest back. They want to run off tackle, you want to force them to spill it outside. I have faced this same exact formation w/motion but from under center. We would go outside the wings as per the manual for 46 or KB and it was like we were playing with 9 men. They ran under my DE's all game. I got this idea from Mahonz. So far it has worked great. Have to rep it in INDY's. Have that wing try and block the DE. Make it a competition between your DE's. You can't have DE's that wait to see the play, get their butts up wrong arming the wing ASAP.

So they are lining up 7 steps from the ball on the LOS like DC46? or more like 9 in KB? When you say blow inside the slot/wing you mean bypass them all together, and if the H/Y try to block them attack them wrong shoulder(Inside)? if not blocked have then ignore the slots/wings attack the nearest deepest, likely the Q chasing the motion man at the deepest level or lead blocker if they are playside?

DT's: DC46 tech. Angled, attack the guards. We will call, "bear" and put them in a 3 tech if we want them shooting the gap. Same premise, get doubled teamed.
not a problem
NG: This is your dude. Train him up to destroy the center. Especially a gun center. He does nothing else but forklift that center into the backfield. This is not the norm, usually team try to get their D-line in the gaps. If your NG is owning the center you will get bad snaps, slowing down the offense. Can't stress how important this position is.
My mest weapon. He is going to have a field day.

Will and Fred: 5 steps off the OT's. On snap play side defender flow through where the DE started his alignment. Run right at him. If the play goes inside the wing turn in, if it gets spilled keep running straight and you will  meet the runner in the backfield. Back side defender plays cousins with play side. Say play is going to offenses right off tackle. Fred runs through the DE, Will flows through where fred started then plays downhill inside of him on off tackle, keeps running towards sidelines playing down hill vs sweep or anything that bounces outside.
So basically if the play gets turned in, and it shouldn't with DE wrong arming the slots, they are in position. If not basically in position for a tackle at the LOS or just behind just off tackle?

Sam/Mike: Play 6x3 outside of an attached #2, play 6x3 inside a detached #2. They have #2 man to man. Play downhill when the off tackle bounces. Play outside play side Will/Fred and behind a couple of yards on off tackle in case the runner gets through and breaks outside. Back side Sam/Mike flow through starting point of play side Sam/Mike. On Off tackle sit inside Will/Fred, on sweep take an angle to the runner where you meet them at the sidelines.
Unless T is running a blast they always ron to the edge out the spread.

Off Tackle fits when T gets to the hole.

                                              S          M
                                                 W F
                         C       E   T  N  T             
                      X             T G C G T E        C Z
                                 H               T Y

Dealing with motions isn't complex, just needs reps. If you want more info ask Mahonz or I
Hope this helps a bit. Have to get back to work, will post more when I can.

Again, thank you.

If they run straught FT wishbone like they did against the weaker team, which they will see us as


do you recommend the adjustments in the book?
T Style Football / Re: Anybody familiar with Barta Bone?
« Last post by blockandtackle on Yesterday at 09:22:59 PM »
I ran this in high school when I was a QB, but we ran belly series out of the standard T.  I want to say that we had dual TEs on playside, one being split to help seal the edge or create a run lane between OLB and CB for the QB keep, but I may be wrong.  This was many years ago.  I am looking at installing the belly series for my 12U wishbone team.  Majority of the defenses we are facing have their corners act as additional DEs and if they don't have an assignment, they are bringing the heat.  I am down to my 2nd string QB and I am not 100% confident that he can routinely make the throw for a TE out or corner to keep the corner honest.  The next best thing would be to carry the TE from the other side and split him out.  At least then I have the possibility of blocking him, or splitting wide enough to create a run lane for the QB keep.  Also, gives me the opportunity to run a tackle eligible play on the weak side.

Does your league allow Tackle Eligible plays?  Under NFHS and NCAA rules about "eligible numbers," they are illegal at the MS, HS, and college levels and have been since the 70s.
T Style Football / Re: Anybody familiar with Barta Bone?
« Last post by blockandtackle on Yesterday at 09:21:12 PM »
Was wondering what the significance is with the split end on non-play side (for majority of the plays)?  I know it stretches the defense and provides a secondary blocker on some of the counters and abort option plays, but other than I missing something?  It seems that the split would be put to better use being playside on the 10 belly series in order to stretch the defense a bit and provide a seal block for the edge in case the QB keeps.  Would also think that the standard option would flow better this way.  I get that if I had a split and a TE on the same side, the interior TE would be covered....though other than that, I can't think of a good reason for the backside split.  Please educate me.

You have to think in terms of space.  A backside TE would also compress the formation for the defense, bringing the backside pursuit in closer and making an 8 man front much less likely.

Splitting an end on the backside makes it much harder to play 9 or more in the box.  You're either isolating your CB on him in space and possibly exposing yourself to a quick pass or you're going to have to put a S in the middle of the formation, which helps to move players out of the box.

When the S starts rotating over too fast to stop the belly series or the WR is isolated, you throw a backside post or slant off the Belly Series to him and score a TD.  If you try running that play to a TE, he's much more likely to be jammed at the line by a DE, bumped again by a TE, and have a weird angle where a backside S can recover easier.

Double tight, full house backfields aren't as tough to defend as a lot of people think UNLESS you're pulling backside linemen (ala the DTDW, Single Wing, and Full House T offenses).  The Barta bone has a little bit of pulling in it, but not much.  The Double Dive "Belly" series the whole Barta Bone offense is built around is descended from the old Wishbone Veer blocking scheme and was originally designed as a compliment to the Veer that allowed for some misdirection and for the TB to get downhill off tackle without a read involved.
General Discussion / Re: Will We Ever Play Again?
« Last post by CoachQ on Yesterday at 09:00:30 PM »
I remember doing Saturday school years ago here in NC because of snow days.  We have missed two days up my way because of the hurricane.  Dave my cousin lives in Durham and her house has major damage!
General Discussion / Re: Will We Ever Play Again?
« Last post by PSLCOACHROB on Yesterday at 07:12:50 PM »
We got hammered by hurricanes for few years. More than once the season was cancelled. Rightfully so as the toll on families was just too much. I would expect your season to be cancelled. Very similar to what we went through back in the early 2000s. Sucks but understandable
DC Wing T Offense / Re: First Season DCWT
« Last post by jgg1970 on Yesterday at 06:28:23 PM »

I thought the counters, like left 32 trap, left 56 sweep when 23 is working and ones like right 65 kick when 24 is working?

See your point on why need the counter if you can get 5-8 yards off of 23/24. my understanding was to use them once 23/24 became less effective. Which I am not even there yet apparently.
DC Wing T Offense / Re: First Season DCWT
« Last post by jgg1970 on Yesterday at 06:25:56 PM »
Thanks Josh, sounds like I got talked out of what I should have been doing all along. A little late to change practice in 30 minutes, but going forward I am doing just that.

26 and 57 do go in tonight, and will rep 25 which I installed but didn't run last week
General Offense Discussion / Re: Wing-T passing
« Last post by bigshel on Yesterday at 04:40:58 PM »

We’re going to start dragging our 5 across (the nasty split TE on the left) the formation as well, that way if the corner goes w/ our TE, our 5 should be wide open underneath.

Damn good idea.  ;)
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