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Author Topic: Double formation questions  (Read 614 times)

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Double formation questions
« on: August 04, 2017, 12:42:28 PM »
Big fan of the DC Single Wing and had great success implementing first time last year.  Put in all core plays, formations (Nasty, Omaha, War, Double) and added Spinner mid season -- all of which worked extremely well, which I attribute to fact we followed the book to a tee.  I'm a big believer in doing what is proven to work.

Looking to take up a notch this year (5th grade, 10-11 y.o.) and been reviewing the 303 book.  Besides adding in a few Spread formation plays (probably target mid season install as did with Spinner last year if all going well with core stuff), was thinking about adding in a few complimentary plays to Double formation since only had 2 from last year (Double Mouse 22 Wedge and Double Mouse 47 Sweep) to keep defense off balance.

Saw the Double Mouse 23 Power G video on one of these posts which seemed like a good compliment to the 47 Sweep (a way to put the DE in conflict as 16 Power and 18 Sweep do on strong side).  Was wondering if anyone had tested out a pass play out of Double (perhaps a 16 Power Pass of some sort) or tried a Double Mouse run to right side (perhaps a counter/reverse to the 3 back lined up in double to the 6 hole, akin to a 43 Reverse to the left side).  Any advice would be great.  Or if not worth adding plays out of Double formation, would be good to know as well.  I'm also planning to add the Omaha 14 Blast and probably have the Burst 26 Power G ready to go if/when start seeing specific defenses while still trying to resist expanding the total # of plays too much.