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Author Topic: Coaches not seeing eye to eye?  (Read 2045 times)

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Re: Coaches not seeing eye to eye?
« Reply #15 on: July 25, 2017, 10:12:29 PM »
Let everyone know in no uncertain terms that this was unacceptable and will not happen again.

It already happened.  You can't control whether it happens again.  It might.  But it wouldn't if you fired him. 

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Re: Coaches not seeing eye to eye?
« Reply #16 on: July 25, 2017, 10:34:12 PM »
Have to agree with Dave here.  Its not 2 people, its just One! My Boss has a terrible tendency to punish ALL for one persons actions or lack of accountability. Note is usually the same folks over and over.  My response is always, Fix It!  His response is always I wont discuss it further! To which I reply, you most assuredly will in a few weeks or months and it still won't get fixed! 

I hope this is not the case but................


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Re: Coaches not seeing eye to eye?
« Reply #17 on: September 23, 2017, 06:15:59 PM »
I had a similar situation happen to me two years ago. Two teams came together due to numbers and the league decided that instead of giving the HC spot to one of those guys they would appoint a neutral HC. I was that lucky guy. I was forced to take on both of the old HCs as my assistants even though I would have been able to assemble my own. Even with this not ideal situation it all started off well. Coaches meetings , my giving out my playbook and standing firm that we would run my offense and defense. Both coaches seemed to be on board. The guys that I brought with me were obviously on board. In coaches meetings the coach I had designated the DC was very argumentative but with respect, the other I designated co-OC was always agreeable. This would come into play during the season.

My DC who I thought was trying to be an ass was in the end the better of the two, he was truly trying to understand what I wanted. He ended up executing my defense faithfully so much so I allowed him the ability to install different schemes and fronts that complimented what I was doing.
The co-OC who I thought would be the easier to get along with was in the end the Achilles heal of my staff ( I guess you could say it was me as well because I allowed it) he was constantly downplaying the offense and my decisions as well as complaining to parents who he was friends with. He didn't like I only had 8 run plays and 6 pass plays and none were jet sweep. I constantly told him that we practice and run these till we can do them in our sleep THEN we can add new plays. He also didn't like it under center.
Mind you neither of these coaches had ever actually coached a team properly it was always run play after play during practice and "line block someone " type of practices. What we were doing were essentially starting over , in the 6th grade. They've been together ( 2 separate teams) since Kgarden. Where I saw improvement (actually beginning to understand zone and crushing d-lines on GOD blocking and running backs creating the basket instead of taking the ball) he saw failure because we weren't running up the score. After the Third week in of actual game times I had enough, I went to the league to get him removed as I didn't "hire" him but he was appointed to me. I was told to just deal with it.

Mind you I gave up being a DC on my sons team to do this and help the league out. When it was all said and done I told the league this setup is nothing but a disaster and only heals the board out in making a no decision decision. I also should have stuck to my intial gut feeling and not brought either coach up or fired them after a few weeks with the exception of my DC. I love coaching but sometimes it's like a penance.
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