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Author Topic: Attachments and Options when creating a new Post or Topic Thread  (Read 1642 times)

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Under the Message Box that comes up when you are Replying in a Thread or creating your own Topic Thread there is an “Additional Options” Button. Click it and Options for your Post will fly out.

You can attach one file that is under 8 Megs or multiple files in one Post as long as they all add up to less than 8 Megs total.

You can check any one of the other Options that interest you like having the Forum send you and email Notification when someone responds to a Topic Thread you start. This function also exists if you make a Post within a Topic Thread but the Member Replying must  use the Quote Function in order for you to receive an email Notification.

You can activate this email Notification in your Personal Profile but that means you will get an email Notification for every Topic Thread you start or any Reply to your Post where the Member uses the Quote Function. If you activate this in your Personal Profile and do not want any email Notifications from a particular Topic Thread or Post then you must now open Additional Options and uncheck this Function. This will only turn this Function off for that one particular Topic Thread or Post.

Use the Quote Function is the best way to communicate with other Members. If you simply Reply to another Members response without Quoting that Member then its difficult to tell who you are responding too. And as mentioned, if a Member is using email Notifications then they will not know that you have responded to them unless they happen upon your non Quote Post.
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