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Author Topic: Members Profile Page  (Read 1885 times)

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Members Profile Page
« on: February 14, 2013, 02:23:52 PM »
Its real simple. The more information you show in your Personal Profile the better your experience becomes when involved in a discussion.


A Member Posts up a question that can only be answered properly by other Members if the Original Poster is the Head Coach. This is a common problem because now Members Replying must first ask this question or waste their time Posting inaccurate information as it pertains to the Original Poster.

A Member Posts up a question about running a particular Offense but no one reading the Post knows what Age Group the Original Poster is Coaching. This is a very common problem.

So a complete Personal Profile will help both you and others communicate much better without unnecessary communications.

There are many Functions attached to your the Personal Profile like the Members Map. If you accurately place your Member Pin on the Google map then others in your area know that you have something in common. Id you are all Paranoid about others in your area learning about your Systems then avoid this Function.

If you have Film to share then Create your own Gallery Page so that Members don’t have to constantly Search for you Videos. Same thing with Photos or Articles you’d like to share with the Forum. A Gallery will centrally locate a lot of good information about you and your Teams.

There are many other Options like Avatars and Personal Quotes or a link to your personal Website so please take the time to Manage your Profile.

Please do not Post up any personal Contact Information like a phone number or mailing address. If you wish to exchange this info with other members please use the Private Message Function.

The Profile Button is located at the top of the Home Page.
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