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Author Topic: 2018 Spring Preview  (Read 9461 times)

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Re: 2018 Spring Preview
« Reply #150 on: February 09, 2018, 04:14:07 PM »
Eh - I might work with the team or the captains to clarify some of the parameters before the season, but don't think I'd let them make decisions around discipline during the season.  In fact, I definitely wouldn't.

This is a special group. Never saw a group (and a big group at that) all pulling in the same direction as these guys.  Man, I'm gonna miss them after Spring is over.

We preach "this team belongs to the players" from the time they are bobble heads. Maybe we put our money where are mouths are.
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Re: 2018 Spring Preview
« Reply #151 on: February 12, 2018, 08:32:50 PM »

In 2017....we had 29 players in Spring. These kids all played on the same Fall team and they had 25 players.

I dont think you really gain much trying to two platoon with the little dudes. But once you get to the MS levels it has its advantages.

How I sell it mirrors what baseball does for pitchers with their pitch counts.

Two platoon is safer because hit counts go down by 50% when in the uncontrolled atmosphere....the games. We can all control the hitting during practice regardless but never in the games unless a player is literally not participating in the play.

2018 is going to be interesting. Our FB Dictator is liking big rosters which is a huge shift in philosophy for this Org. It used to be they would rather field 40 teams with 18 players so they could be the biggest. Now its tipping towards fielding 32 teams with 25 players especially with the older kids.

Next Fall we take on a second grade team and numbers have been shrinking fast the past few years. That means we could be looking at 30 players on one team because the option of fielding two teams with 15 goes against this new philosophy.

Our FB Dictator would pull this trigger and allow us to go with this many players because our Fall team has always had the highest roster with ZERO complaints.  If this happens then its going to be interesting organizing so many rookies all at once. We do have the staff to pull this off but its going to be exhausting.

Oh ya, I know all the benifits. But as a kid, none of that meant anything to me. As much as I was a team player, there were certain things I needed to really enjoy myself, & one was to never leave the field. lol. I'd get so worked up into a rage that the idea of leaving the field would drive me mad.

Again, this could have nothing to do w/ your situation. For me I just had a blood lust that needed to be filled. For your guys, it's probably just defense only guys that want some of that offense glory. Or, it could be none of the above? Who knows. Was just a thought I had when reading the OP.
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